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Judy Tobey, NCBTMB Accredited Facilitator for CEUs

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Name: Judy Tobey, NCBTMB Accredited Facilitator for CEUs
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: 773 610-9036
Location: Bonita Springs, Florida (Oct - May). Saugatuck, Michigan (June - Oct).
Saugatuck MI & Bonita Springs FL
USA & Worldwide
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About Judy Tobey, NCBTMB Accredited Facilitator for CEUs


How would you like to have the tools and techniques to change anything in your life? Have you always suspected that there is more to this existence? Do you have a sense of much greater possibility for yourself and the world yet haven't found the GPS for it yet? I've been in the healing arts for 14 years and am thrilled to share that I've found them...the keys to change anything and really make this reality work! This amazing body of work called Access Consciousness has transformed my world and the world of my clients, friends and family (see testimonials below)...it's a plethora of highly practical, easy and potent tools, techniques and processes that truly empowers people and make life much more fun, generative and magical!

Is there something you'd like to change in your life, health, relationships, finances? Do you have as much ease and joy as you'd like to have? What if having life really work for you was entirely possible and even more fun than you'd ever imagined possible? The keys to the magic of this is well within reach simply by receiving the BARS and learning the powerful Access tools.

Once I delved into the Bars and Access, all has changed exponentially for me! Every aspect of my life has remarkably improved. Difficult things I thought could never change have shifted with ease. Everything is easier and more fun! Simply put, my life has become magical.

What would it take for you to have more of this in your life too? Does that sound fun? If it feels light for you, I invite you to come play with me and learn the Bars and then Foundations and Level 1. *OR* come for a private session and discover how much more of YOU, you can truly have -- even from a single session...you'll be amazed...but don't take my word for it, come find out for yourself! At minimum you'll feel fabulous, deeply relaxed, as if you had the best massage of your life, and at maximum, and not unlikely, -- your life will change and become more magical!

I Truly Love What I do...

My joy is watching others expand, become empowered and be the magnificence they truly BE in the world. It’s sheer joy for me to watch newly freed-up, dynamic, vibrant, expansive and creative people beam. I actually get to see this on a regular basis with the Bars especially when coupled with other Access tools and processes. How does it get any better than that? And what else is possible? Please don’t take my word for it…come play and experience it for yourself. At minimum, it will feel like you had a great massage and are 10 lbs lighter, and at maximum, your life will completely change.

If you'd like to come play and do not see a class scheduled and you have 4 or more friends that would like to take the class, I'd be happy to explore setting up a custom class for you.

Bit more background:
I'm a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator, Certified Access Bars Facilitator, Certified Access Body Process Facilitator, as well as a Classical Homeopath and Flower Essence Practitioner for 14 years.

Access has been a tremendous contribution to my existing healing practice. My effectiveness with my clients as a Classical Homeopath, Flower Essence and Reiki Practitioner (over the past 12 years) has been exponentialized with the addition of all the Access tools and its 55+ profound energetic body processes. It's so exciting to have such a wide range of tools to utilize to be of greatest service to my clients. This depth and breadth of experience gives you the advantage of a rich set of disciplines to customize from to meet your unique mind, body and spirit needs. I do in person and long distance consultations, sessions and energy work for adults, kids and pets, too! Come for a class, a Bars session, or a specific health consultation for you and/or your loved ones.

Beyond helping people, another interesting part of my background is...being of service to animals -- I absolutely LOVE animals and you can see this expressed in my business www.OptiBalancePet.com where I've developed a line of flower essence formulations that restore the emotional and behavioral balance for Dogs, Cats and Birds. These all natural formulas address the top behavioral issues as indicated by Animal Behaviorists, such as: Separation Anxiety, Aggression, Fears & Phobias, Hyperactivity, Stress & Trauma and much more! How does it get any better than that? :-)

I also have a consultancy called BrainNovation.net that teaches whole-brain learning and processing tools to help individuals and corporations be more innovative, creative, effective, efficient and have more fun in the process.

Is now the time for you to be more of who you truly BE and with vibrant health?

TESTIMONIALS - Here's what folks are saying about Judy as a practitioner and facilitator ...

"I have been to many seminars over the last two years and your Foundations/Level 1 workshop was the most enthusiastic, exciting, and rewarding of all the seminars or teachers I've listen to during that period of time. Thanks Again!" --Dr. Bruce M, Tampa, Fl

"In private sessions with Judy we break through so many obstacles in my
life and in my thinking. She guides me along a path to awaken from the inside out and I feel brighter and lighter with each session. What I love about working with Judy is that we truly work together to find where life and old patterns need to shift to make space for more joy. After a few private sessions with Judy, I wanted to learn more so I attended her Access BARS class. She has an amazing wealth of knowledge and insight into Access Consciousness and healing in general. Judy has such an amazing grasp of knowledge and intuition and you can tell that it is coming from deep within her. I could take 10 more classes with her and continue to learn something new from her each time. At the same time she is down to earth, with a great sense of humor and laugh. She is a wonderful teacher and woman." --Joey M, Chicago IL

"I am having "Judy Withdrawal" this morning. The last four days have been amazing and I am very grateful for your contribution to my life-changing experiences.
My life changed with the first Bars Class where I released a great pile of stuff and each time I attend a class, my load gets lighter. I am amazed at the changes that take place in your class and how those changes go beyond our space. My husband Larry has been more loving and his body is healthier without the aches and pains and he is able to do more and is much happier. I am also grateful for the body processes that you taught in Foundation and Level I because I run the energies whenever possible and have already noticed changes in my body. How does it get
any better than that? What else is possible?"
--Gratitude for YOU," Sandi S, Mattson, IL

"Thank you for the super, terrific classes this weekend. From the first moment, we were laughing and having fun as we learned and dealt with all our stuff. You have a special way of opening the space to allow change and help us feel even better than before all while kicking our asses. I look forward to more classes in the future" --Judith J, Highland Park, IL

"Wow, Thank you for a facilitating 5 days of Access Consciousness - Bars, Foundation and Level I! I enjoyed the classes as well as your facilitating many awarenesses for all who participated. Your approach, your perceiving, being, knowing and receiving of me as I showed up created a great experience for me! Oh, and then there's also your incredible energy, graciousness to address concerns, issues and questions in real time, with real tools as "things arose" for each participant. I was impressed with how you were able to keep track of where everyone was in the moment! A tremendous experience of growing awareness, choices, questions, clearings!"
--Therese W. Chicago, IL

I look forward to meeting YOU!

With Gratitude ~ Judy


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