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Megan Rogers

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Name: Megan Rogers
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: +27 82 551 3236
Location: 104 Briza Street, Table View
Cape Town
Western Cape
South Africa
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About Megan Rogers

How wonderful that you found my page!
Are you ready for a different life? A Life where YOU create the change and possibilities of whatever you desire?
Are you willing to receive anything? Do you want to get to a place where this possible?

The invitation of Access is to be the infinite being you truly be and create a life beyond the you you think you are!

Since I discovered Access in November 2012, I have been on a journey of change and adventure!.
I cannot tell you how much I have created and become since then. I went from a person who was shy, timid, felt not worthy and judged myself 24/7 to someone that realizes that I have a different possibility, a choice and can create whatever life I desire. And have fun doing it! :-)

Access Consciousness has given me the tools to do that and it can do that same for you.
What will it take to join me in a BARS class where you can start to learn to be the true gift you truly be.

What contribution can I be to you?
Is now the time for change?

Ease, Joy and Gratitude


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Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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