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Rosalind Lawson

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Name: Rosalind Lawson
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: +44 (0)1342-318-039
East Grinstead
West Sussex
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About Rosalind Lawson

Hi there! Welcome! Are you looking for different?

Access tools are the business. They are the miracle that have allowed me to unlock seemingly unchangeable limitations, long-standing mental, physical, and emotional conditions. The result? More joy, more ease, more functionality, from surviving to thriving. And it’s been fast… How awesome is that? What if these tools could work for you?

Would you like to dissipate and release energies like these from your life:

- Stress, tension, fatigue
- Sadness, grief, depression, anger, rage, frustration
- Helplessness, despair, PTSD, suicidal urges
- Health issues
- Issues related to Abuse and Trauma
- Relationship issues
- Issues related to Autism
- Entities
- And more…?

I offer one-to-one transformational sessions, in person, by phone and on Skype, a catalyst for change.

I also offer Bars and Body Process sessions; including Access Energetic Facelift and Vision processes; plus Bars classes and G&R’s. What if change could be easy, joyous and fun?

More information:

For over 20 years, I searched for tools and modalities to grow, become more conscious, and more functional. I’ve been a Reiki Master, Avatar Master, Awakening Your Light Body teacher, acquired behavioural and meditation techniques, and energy psychology tools.

Despite all this, I also lived with chronic fatigue, immune system issues, suicidal urges and deep internal conflict, unable to let go of past griefs and long suppressed and repressed memories of abuse. Until Access tools became part of my world...

Since then, unresolved grief over my mother's death 30 years before has vanished. Grief over the stillbirth of my first child over 20 years ago also resolved. So much so, that whilst watching a documentary on stillbirth and miscarriage recently, I became aware of a deep peace, an absence of sadness or anger, and a bubbling joy. These are just a couple of examples of change in my life.

Daily functioning became so much easier. When emotion or memories related to abuse arose/arise, Access tools provide an elegant, effective framework to move through and beyond pain and lack of ease to joy and peace. How does it get any better than that?

A fantastic side benefit of using these tools is that my body is showing up differently. It's healthier, happier, has more stamina, and is looking fitter and younger than in a long time. The Bars and Body Processes are such a gift, allowing for greater relaxation, ease, health and have allowed a different relationship to grow. Would you like your body to be your friend, to be a place/space of ease in which to live, play and have fun?

Do you have unresolved griefs? Are you held back by past hurt? Or do you have issues with your body which seem intractable? If you are looking to work with someone to facilitate change in your life, someone who understands, who has walked through her own self-created hell to the sun-lit uplands beyond, why not contact me?

I’ve also run a Son-Rise program (4 years), worked with Growing Minds (4 years), home-schooled and learned from cutting edge professionals, whilst working with my own child for over 14 years to facilitate her ability to function with greater ease in her body and the world whilst experiencing autism.

My daughter, now 18, originally diagnosed with PDD/Autism, has transformed from a little girl who wore no clothes, didn’t sleep, had no eye contact or speech, into an independent, quirky teenager who still has some speech / language delays, yet who loves science, history, baking, creating art, fashion, researching topics of interest to her on the internet and much more.

She loves having her Bars run and receiving Body processes – relaxing deeply. Together we’ve used verbal processing on issues of emotional regulation, learning, physical tension, anxiety, relationships and more. She can now use the Clearing Statement independently and handle intense emotions for herself! Access tools have allowed us to shift issues creating resistance and withdrawal quickly, so that situations limiting learning capacity, personal and family harmony, are resolved easily, resulting in joyous laughter. How does it get any better than that?

Do you have a child with special needs? What contribution could Access tools and I be to your world?


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☀ Access Consciousness® at Expos 14/May/2017 Worthing, UK Daniela Horder  & 
Rosalind Lawson
☀ Access Consciousness® at Expos 16/Sep/2017 Lewes, UK Daniela Horder  & 
Rosalind Lawson
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