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Yvonne Rozier

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Name: Yvonne Rozier
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 0405038607
Sutherland Shire SYDNEY anywhere in NSW
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About Yvonne Rozier

My greatest joy in life is to see people having the freedom to be whoever they are, no matter what their age, sex or nationality.
Having said that, I didn’t actually know that until I started my journey of discovering who I truly am.

I’ve always done whatever I “thought” I wanted to do in life. But I didn’t realise that there were limitless other choices I had available to me.

I emigrated to Australia on my own when I was 22 from the UK as I had fallen in love with this country before I’d set foot on it.

Trouble is, without realising it, everything I said and did was in order to belong and be accepted here.

So gradually over time, I was shutting off those parts of me that I thought other people couldn’t accept about me. This resulted in some peculiar behaviour patterns and choices.

Eventually I got to the point where I had to take Xanax (for anxiety) just to “feel” normal. I made myself wrong about that, especially as my mother had (for at least 20 years) been suffering Manic Depression / Bi-Polar.

Fortunately I started making some different choices. In 2001 I attended Landmark Education courses and assisted on many programmes for 3 years and was a self expression and leadership coach. This was very helpful in getting me out of a lot of behaviour patterns and learning different ways of being that created greater results in my life.

I have continually sought ways of expanding myself. Reading a multitude of self developing books, attending many workshops etc.,
After 14 years of transforming myself I still found something was missing.
A friend gave me a copy of Dr Dain Heer’s book – Being You Changing The World. AT LAST it was about BEING ME

I attended my first BARS class in 2012 and I have been like a kid in a lolly shop ever since. I wanted everything all at once. I am on an adventure of discovering things about me which I never knew existed.

I have become a Practitioner and Facilitator of Bars, Foundation, Body Processes & Energetic Facelift and also do Symphony sessions and the Abuse Hold.

I am willing to travel anywhere within NSW to facilitate any of these classes provided there are 4 or more people.

By arrangement.
Yvonne 0405 038 607


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Access Bars® 8/Apr/2017 Engadine , NSW, Australia Yvonne Rozier
Access Energetic Facelift™ 29/Apr/2017 Engadine, NSW, Australia Yvonne Rozier
Access Bars® 6/May/2017 Engadine , NSW, Australia Yvonne Rozier
Access Bars® 10/Jun/2017 Engadine , NSW, Australia Yvonne Rozier
Access Bars® 8/Jul/2017 Engadine , NSW, Australia Yvonne Rozier
Access Bars® 19/Aug/2017 Engadine, NSW, Australia Yvonne Rozier
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