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Ziporah Hildebrandt

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Name: Ziporah Hildebrandt
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 413-259-1874
Location: 354 Pelham Hill Road
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About Ziporah Hildebrandt

Welcome to the expansion of possibilities that is Access Consciousness and the Bars!
Would you like to trade in your comfort zone for your happiness zone?
Would you enjoy more space for YOU in your life?
How about more fun, more money, more juice, more ease, more JOY?

Would you and your body enjoy more energy? More space, transformation, expansion, healing?
Would you like to look and feel younger? Have more potency to create a life that works for you?

What would it be like to be you if you could shed the projections, expectations, separations, shocks and other conflicting realities that tense up your body and face? The Energetic Facelift is a luscious alternative to the other kind!

I offer Bars, Facelift, body process and transformational sessions in my home in Shutesbury, or at your home if you require that. How does it get any easier than that?

I love Bars classes! How much glorious expansive energy can we be after a few hours of Bars?
At my Bars classes you'll receive:

• 2 Bars sessions
• an illustrated manual
• hands-on demonstration of every position
• attentive personal instruction in a relaxed setting
• lots of additional information about the Bars and Access Consciousness®
• natural organic & gluten-free snacks and chocolate too!
• an invitation to an active community exchanging Bars sessions and exploring Access
• as many opportunities as you'd like for asking questions!

What else is possible for expanding consciousness on our gorgeous planet?

My new favorite is the Symphony of Possibilities, Dr. Dain Heer's phenomenal way of tuning in and inviting new possibilities. I attended the 4-day Advanced SOP training and wow! I offer both remote and in-person sessions.

How about the Access Consciousness® Body Processes? These are energies that are applied hands-on to create and allow dynamic change in bodies. I was (to my surprise) the first Body Process Facilitator in Massachusetts. I can personally testify to the remarkable shifts this energy work can create: After the 3-day training, I was able to lift my massage table for the first time ever. There it was, folded up next to the others, ready to go to the car, and my body was just "I can do this!" and walked it down the hall!

These energy processes are easy to learn and fun to use. Many of them can be applied before or after other modalities in a session, allowing even deeper healing. All are great! They go beyond healing to create a different way of embodiment that is space for a reality that includes you as an infinite being of consciousness, awareness, boundless creativity, joy and amazing possibilities.

You can learn one body process in a 3-4 hour class, there are NO pre-requisites, and you are equipped and certified after the class to run the process on yourself, your friends and family, clients, and animals, too. How does it get any better than that?

I am now also a Right Body for You, and a Talk to the Entities Facilitator. I offer classes and sessions in those specialty areas of Access Consciousness® and oh, have these tools created phenomenal change for me and my body! The awareness I gained allowed me, in just a few days, to dissolve over 50 years of food sensitivities! Can you imagine the joy in my mouth at the first bite of luscious dense rich sweet chocolate cake in over 30 years? Would you and your body like any change like that???

Classes are forming now…look on this site at my class listing to see if one is posted; you can register immediately! If you don't see one here, call me 413-259-1874 me or check out my website: runzbars.com

Would you enjoy having me come do a class in your hometown? Let's talk!

I came to Access Consciousness® after 20 years of disabling multiple-everything sensitivities. I walked into a Bars/Foundation/Level 1 class with my oxygen tank and by the end of the 5 days I was hardly using it. Ask me if Access is awesome and guess what I'll say? YES!!!

What is even better is that I am not an isolated case. Lots of other people with "incurable" chronic illnesses, mental disorders, poverty & debt, dead-end jobs, unhappy relationships, and people choosing to end their lives if something doesn't change...have experienced transformation beyond imagining, starting with the Bars. What else is possible?

What are you waiting for?


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Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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