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Robin Maher, RN

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Name: Robin Maher, RN
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: 970.204.9551
Colorado & The World
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About Robin Maher, RN

As a Registered nurse I have been exposed to and studied more techniques and modalities that I can list and that, hopefully, you don't care to read. Each time I finished a class/seminar, I incorporated what I learned into what I do with clients, and there was always something lacking.

I would go home and attempt to figure out a way to use the new technique on myself. After all, I was readily available to "practice" on. The requirement for someone else to utilize the technique on me was not feeling light and kept pushing me to the next class.

I was most enthralled with Bars. Since that first class, I have continued to incorporated Access tools and techniques in my living using them on myself as well as with my clients. My living has simply been choices ever since. How does it get any better that this? What else is possible?

What are you willing to change?

What are you willing to receive?

What would your reality be like right now if you are willing?

Send me an enquiry about the new 'Access Body Basics' 1 1/2 day class.
We will cover 4 of the 5 most empowering, dynamic, and versatile body ‘processes’. This workshop includes didactic and hands-on sessions. Experience the possibilities:

Resolve bruising and swelling
Undo the effects of trauma and scar tissue
Bolster the immune system
Enhance your workout without extra ‘effort’

This class can come to you. Send me an email or contact your local Bars Facilitator and ask When and Where?

Would you like to play with me in a Bars class? Send me an enquiry and let's schedule a class.


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