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Simone Phillips

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Name: Simone Phillips
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: 0421971310
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About Simone Phillips

My name is Simone Phillips and I was born in Berlin, Germany. I have been in Australia for just over 30 years. I migrated to Oz with my dad and stepmother at the age of 13. I remember that at the time, being a rebellious teenager, I had no interest in giving up my friends and coming to this country. Now that I see that I choose everything I am extremely grateful to be in this phenomenal country.

My journey has not been smooth sailing, coming from a so called dysfunctional family of divorcees, drinkers and at some stage "alternative living" arrangements, I have been looking for "normal" families for a long time. When I was accepted into those families, usually via boyfriends I saw anything, but normal.

Thanks to my father I was introduced to meditation at the age of 12. I pursued meditation again much later at the age of 30. At this stage I gave up drinking. Then I kept looking for something, meditation, yoga, healthy eating, natural therapies,etc....I knew that more was available to me, but I did not have the tools to access this 'more'.

There was always something missing. I have had a lot of different jobs, never fitted in, laughed too much, was too loud, was not settled, did not have children, did not join clubs or organized, competitive sports. I often asked myself why I was not like everyone else? Why could I not be satisfied with life, like many of my friends? I returned to teaching high school kids.

Then I met Gabi Plumm, who introduced me to Access. My whole life turned upside down. I am able to laugh as much as I like, I am willing to be me. Yahoo! Actually I am just finding out who, what, where me is. It is a whole lot of fun, to choose for me. What else is possible?

I am available for individual sessions and I teach BARS classes.


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