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Pernilla Helmersson

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Name: Pernilla Helmersson
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: +46709813016
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Hello Infinite Being you!

I'm happy you are on my page!

I found Access Consciousness about 5 years ago and when I attended my first Access Bars class, I knew right away that I would take all the classes and become an Access Consciousness Certified facilitator, which I have been for 3 years now. It felt like I had come home at the bars class with other people just as weird as me!

I got words for tools I actually had been using without knowing before Access, and I got even more tools that helped me get out of the wrongness and into the happy person that I truly be!
Access is all about empowering you to know that you know. It is not about finding an answer or telling you what do to, the tools are designed to open up to your infinite knowing, being, perceiving and receiving.

I went from trying to please everybody else to actually look at what I desired to create as my life. With the tools of Access I lost weight, I slept better, I started to communicate with my body and I started having fun with my body and it got so happy when I finally listened to all the information it has available and wanted to share with me!

I have used the tools and taken many Access classes over the years, thanks to that I have truly created a life that works and is fun for me. I moved from Sweden, where I was born to Bali to create my life and living. My life is truly an adventure and I get to meet amazing people all over the world!

How much change and happiness can we create on this planet?!
What contribution can I be to you?

You are very welcome to contact me if you have any questions at all!

Pernilla Helmersson
- Access Consciousness Facilitator
- Access Body process facilitator
- Access Facelift facilitator
- Bodyworker; Symphony of possibilities, abuse hold, The bars, ESSE - energetic synthesis of structural embodiment, Body process, advanced bodywork sessions.
- Private facilitation - get your brilliance out into the world!
- Creator of specialty class: The Creation of Sex - a class where you get to play with adding the energies of sex and sexualness in the creation of your amazing life!
- Creator and showhost of videoshow: Conversations in creating your Super life!

Telephone: +61 0434 673 866

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Skype: pernillahelmersson
Inspirational videos:

When I was in my early 20's I was sexually abused. I was miserable. I drank a lot and had sex that I didn't really want. After the sexual abuse I was filled with shame, regret, guilt, anger, hurt, wrongness and doubt. I hardly talked about the abuse with anyone, and and I turned myself off until I was numb.

In my late 20's I met a guy. He told me it wasn't fun for him to have sex with me, becuase there was an energy of abuse there. I was surprised it was still there, and I started to acknowledge everything that was locked into my body.

I made the demand of myself to let go of all the crap, once and for all. Everything that was stored in the cells of my body. After using the tools and body processes from Access Consciousness, and taking Access classes, it dissipated. I was finally free to discover sex from a place of freedom and choice! I also acknowledged how sexual I truly am. When I no longer cut it off, in an effort to try and protect myself, there is an infinite amount of sexual energy available.

Now I have more freedom with sex and relationships than I ever thought possible. I have gone from totally contracted to a space of possibility and curiousity! I am ever so grateful to Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer.

So who would you be if you let go of your sexual history? What if it is just a story that has no relevance to your life today?

Come and check out the possibilties for you in the specialty class "The creation of sex" I created to invite to more happy bodies and joyful possibilities with sex and relationships!

More about the class: In The Creation of Sex class Pernilla Helmersson invites you to explore sex from a different point of view. Would you like something different in this area?

Sex is life energy, and it is the energy that makes you feel vibrantly alive. Many of us turn ourselves down when we are young, being turned off actually creates aging in the body. Would you be willing to turn it on and back up? To be the energy that generates and creates?

When you choose to be the sexualness of you, the energy of life, what you feel in nature, no judgment, the nurturing, the caring, the healing, the creativity, the excitement, the expansiveness, the joyful, the orgasmic quality of living. You open up for the generative capacities for creation. What would your life be like if you choose to be the energies of sexualness?

What else is possible with sex and relationship that you haven't considered yet?


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