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Leaders Creating A Conscious World

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Name: Leaders Creating A Conscious World
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 505-603-1186
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About Leaders Creating A Conscious World

What is Creating A Conscious World?

Can you imagine a world where everyone knows they can make a difference? What if we could create a conscious world that offers different choices… where our futures are generative, sustainable and each of us is a contribution to the greater possibilities that consciousness offers?

If you KNOW there is something different possible… if you KNOW that you would like to be more of the gift and the contribution you can be… if you KNOW that now is the time to create futures that have never been created before… we invite you to play with us in creating a more conscious world!

This is not about ‘fixing’ everything that doesn’t work in this reality; or fighting against it. It’s about bringing more consciousness to our planet so that we can ask the questions, make the choices, be the contribution and create the possibilities that will generate the changes we are asking for.

It’s controversial to be different. Most people would rather maintain the status quo than stand out from the crowd. Are you ‘most people’? Or are you willing to have the courage to create something greater than has ever existed before?

Who Are The Leaders Creating A Conscious World?

They Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitators and hosts of "Creme de la Creme" radio show. They are people who are willing to be different enough to be controversial. And willing to ask the questions that no-one else is asking. Controversy isn’t about shock value… it’s about being different!

In this reality controversial is being for or against something. In consciousness, controversial is the willingness to be different and the willingness to create something that is not considered normal.

Other controversial leaders you may be familiar with include Einstein, Galileo and Isaac Newton! Most people would rather be the same as everyone else – fitting in rather than standing out.

“Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing.” ~ Gary Douglas

The Leaders Creating a Conscious World are different from most people you meet.

They talk about possibilities that are far outside the realms of what this reality considers normal.
They are willing to ask questions about how things work that no-one else will question.
They are willing to recognize the possibilities of different futures that haven’t yet been imagined.
They are willing to be different enough to create from what’s possible, not from the supposed necessities of this reality, even when these possibilities cannot be seen or imagined by most people.
They are willing to celebrate the difference you BE, without judgment.

We create consciousness in each moment we have the courage to choose a different reality, a controversial reality that has not existed before. To choose consciousness is to include everything and judge nothing. Leaders who choose consciousness create a new reality, whether anyone follows or not.

Are YOU a Leader Creating a Conscious World?

Have you always known you are different? Do you have the courage to create futures where you KNOW that YOU know?

Through Leaders Creating A Conscious World, we are creating futures where each of us is a gift, where each of us can be more than we ever have been before, where each of us can expand our creative capacities for generating a world we would like to live in.

How can this show up? By trusting that you know what you know. By you being the awareness, the consciousness, the controversy and the generosity of spirit that you truly BE. What if you stopped hiding all of that from the world? What if we start valuing the controversy of consciousness? What could be possible then?

Leaders Creating A Conscious World are
Lisen Bengtsson
Marilyn Bradford
Anne Maxwell
Susanna Mittermaier
Joans Svensson
Ricky Williams
Tamara Younker

Listen to the Leaders' radio show "Creme de la Creme" on Voice America, go to http://www.voiceamerica.com/show/2157

Visit the Leaders' website www.CreatingAConsciousWorld.com

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Susanna Mittermaier
☀ Radio Show 29/Apr/2014 Creme de La Creme Radio Show Leaders Creating A Conscious World  & 
Anne Maxwell, LCSW, RPT-S
☀ Radio Show 6/May/2014 Creme de La Creme Radio Show Leaders Creating A Conscious World  & 
Jonas Svensson
Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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