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Susan Lazar Hart

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Name: Susan Lazar Hart
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 514 467 3251
Location: www.rightrelationshipforyou.com
Montreal, Canada
Montreal, Quebec, Canada and Worldwide
The Universe
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About Susan Lazar Hart

So, for how many years and how many lifetimes have we bought into that the more things stay the same the better they become? Where did we buy that if we just worked really hard at keeping everything under control, followed traditions, forged careers, looked after everybody and their stuff and our stuff, everything would get better right? And if nothing ever changed, everything and everyone would be all right.

Wow! What if all that was required to be you was to be present, fully present with no requirement of the future and no connection to the past? No conclusion, no obligation, no control?

What if every morning you woke up to a new day feeling your body vibrate with wonder and your first thought is how did I get so lucky and what grand adventure will I have today? And what else is possible? And what are the infinite possibilities of living your life 10 seconds at a time? And that every choice you make is just that, a choice, not a conclusion or decision that you have to live up to or own. And that all those heavy thoughts, feelings and emotions are not yours, never were and in that knowing comes a lightness, a freedom, an allowance so more of you shows up for you. And what else is possible? And what would it take to live in the question, rather than the heaviness of not knowing who you are and what you want to do with your life?

Working with the tools of access have introduced me to myself, the one person I was always looking for, someone to play with and laugh with. Some one so expansive that sheer orgasmic energy reverberates from within on a daily basis. And what else can I generate?

Come and play with me. I would love to share with you what I have discovered. How would it feel to be finally free and sing and laugh and play and be the joyous creation you truly are and were truly meant to be. The one person you have been looking for your whole life is you. What would it feel like to embrace yourself for all that you are and what else is possible?

If any of this makes any sense to you it's easy, contact me. I am available for private consultation, coaching, classes, workshops and as a keynote speaker. How does it get any better than that?

Would you like to hear how Access Consciousness tools are used every day in every way?
Check out Ask Susan with Susan Lazar Hart on facebook and why not treat yourself to the Ask Susan Insider www.asksusanlazarhart.com for extra free relationship bonuses that come right to you weekly

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Susan Lazar Hart travels the world as a Conscious thought leader, radio host, motivational speaker and as the executive director of Right Relationship For You.

Susan is also a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator, A Certified 3 Day Body Process Facilitator and A Being You Certified Facilitator

Susan combines the tools of Access Consciousness with her real world experience as a wife, mother, life coach and relationship counselor to introduce people to a whole new possibility in their relationships to themselves.

Whether you’re sorting out issues with your partner, your children, your boss, your body or even your finances…Susan Lazar Hart delivers information that is easy to understand and gets results.

Testamonials from Susan's Classes

Last night was awesome!!! Thanks so much. I was in such a state of joy today with myself and everyone around me and felt the space. I really felt the space and I do believe this is the first time I have acknowledged that. HDIGABTT? So many possibilities!!!
Chris D. New York

Thank you so much for a phenomenal class! I have sooo much gratitude for you! What else can we generate? This class has shifted so much for me and my relations with everything! My partner, businesses, me, and more! How does it get any better than that? You are truly a gift! It was so fun to perceive all the space and awareness that everyone in the class experienced as well! How does it get any better than that?
Bethany b

Susan is the key Right Relationship facilitator,
and a terrific person...very light, stays in the question and lethal!!!
Tremendously caring as well as fun.
Clearing with her is a treat!
Dee L

Thanks Susan!
You truly have a gift as an interviewer. I have been on the radio a bit and been interviewed before and you created such a flow, it was ease, very cool. u would look great on TV, watch out Oprah and the view, Susan Lazar Hart is here! What else is possible?
Glenna R

Hey Susan!
Thank you for today!
I "BE" perceiving so-o-o much spa-a-a-a-ce I so enjoyed our time together and the possibilities that are opening up for me & my Body...How did I get so lucky to have you in my life?
Gloria R

I am so grateful for my host and really co-facilitator, Susan Lazar Hart. Or as Gary calls her "Laser Hart". Susan is so awesome! A walking breathing demand for more, for consciousness, for no more bullshit, for clarity and, probably the part I love the most...for fun. So, if you have the chance to play and generate with Susan, grab it. Embrace it. Devour it.
John C

Much gratitude to you for being the Being that you are? What else is possible? I am so amazed at how much you have shifted. There is such a softness to you, a well being to you. Gratitude to you.
Denise G
Montreal Canada

Last night was just amazing Susan, You are such an invitation and we are so grateful for you. Also, my eyes are crystal blue this morning!!!!!!!!What a grand and glorious and wonderful and beautiful and inviting being you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What esc can I be that will allow me to be all that I be and change the world!!!!!!!!!!
Karen M
Montreal Canada


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An Evening with Susan Lazar Hart 12/May/2017 Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Romania Susan Lazar Hart
Right Relationship for You™: New Beginnings 13/May/2017 Cluj-Napoca, Romania Susan Lazar Hart
★ Online Class: Right Relationship for You™: New Beginnings 13/May/2017 worldwide, Romania Susan Lazar Hart
ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS BODY CLASSES (Created by Gary Douglas & Dr Dain Heer) 26/May/2017 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada Susan Lazar Hart
ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS BODY CLASSES (Created by Gary Douglas & Dr Dain Heer) 9/Jun/2017 Waterbury Center, 05677, Vermont, USA Susan Lazar Hart
ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS BODY CLASSES (Created by Gary Douglas & Dr Dain Heer) 14/Jul/2017 Hyderabad, India Susan Lazar Hart
A Delicious Date With Your Body 14/Jul/2017 Hyderabad, India Susan Lazar Hart
Right Relationship for You™: New Beginnings 18/Jul/2017 Delhi, India Susan Lazar Hart
A Delicious Date With Your Body 19/Jul/2017 Delhi, India Susan Lazar Hart
Right Relationship for You: Advanced 20/Jul/2017 Delhi, India Susan Lazar Hart
Right Relationship for You - Access Facilitator Training 22/Jul/2017 TBA, Delhi, India Susan Lazar Hart
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