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David Taylor

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Name: David Taylor
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: +447873 338520
North East England, Teesside and beyond...
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About David Taylor

Hey magnificent You,

What do you desire? What magnificence are you really beyond the costumes, stories and histories? If you woke up tomorrow with no past what would you choose?

I adore the tools of Access Consciousness for inviting us to be and choose the possibility, magic and uniqueness we truly be beyond the BS and the 'trying to fix things' instead offering kindness, ease, potency and celebration.

What really is possible for you, your living, your body and this glorious planet in which we live?

Is the now the time to choose that?

Facilitating myself and others with kindness and allowance rocks my world and turns me on as more and more people demand more of their true nature to show up like never before.

May I assist you and your magnificence, dear you?

David x

Bars Class Testimonials:

'Thank you so very much for a wonderful training day. It was YOU who made the day what it was, yes the information and the training tools are amazing but you yourself as a facilitator makes it complete. You are so friendly, caring and patient and your enthusiasm is contagious.

I am so excited and proud to be an Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner.' - Mandy

'It was great to meet you last week, thoroughly enjoyed both classes. You are an amazing trainer, you have a fabulous balance between being professional and adding humour to the classes which I think works really well.' - Lynsey

'Thank you David for an awesome 2 days of bars and face lift training your energy is just magical and you are a very special guy . We all had a great time as well as training How does it get any better than that? Can't wait for our next training whatever or whenever that will be.' - May

"Thank you David for the Bars Class. I was not sure what to expect and arrived feeling stressed and unhappy. I left feeling as though i had had a holiday, deeply relaxed, at peace and filled with positive energy.The Bars class flowed with ease and gentleness. David, you seemed to be able to intuitively tune into the learners' processes and I felt deeply understood and supported throughout. Thank you for having passed on some of the amazing Access tools in your gentle and generous way." - Genevieve

"Thank you for many wonderful enriching experiences during the access bars day class. Your warmth and consideration was always present as was your ability to empower the participants. A lovely day spent with beautiful people." - Yvonne

"The bars class was a wonderful day and so interesting. David facilitated it brilliantly, explained things very well and he is a lovely positive energy to be around. It was an amazing day and i have already recommended it to people. So glad i came across this class by chance. Brilliant!" - Chris

"Myself and my 15 year old daughter attended one of David's Bars classes earlier this year. The day flew by! As soon as you meet David you know he is a congenial fellow who brightens a room when he walks in due to his enthusiasm for life. He is definitely passionate about Access Consciousness and is able to teach the Bars in a way that makes a profound technique seem so easy to get to grips with." - Sue

Bars Testimonials:

Since the bars session my flashbacks of (a traumatic event) have completely stopped and I feel much more peaceful in respect to what happened. Also, I feel generally brighter. This treatment certainly has the wow factor! - Sue

I saw a difference straight away! (My husband) looked less stressed and tired after the Bars session. In fact I even told him he looked a bit younger (I don't think he believed me! ) but all the worry leaving him meant he did. He is sleeping a whole lot better too, so - so far very good. - Lynn

David works with absolute integrity; you always feel very safe and 'held' when he's working on you. he has a great ability to tune into your body and know what it requires. Each bars session has been so unique. -Gill

The results are amazing. I feel lighter in mind & spirit (which definitely helps to shake off negative atmospheres that surround, particularly in my work place).
For anyone uncertain about experiencing 'Access Bars' - Go for it - you truly do have nothing to lose & everything to gain! - Dianne


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Access Bars® 17/Apr/2017 Cumbria LA23 1LW, UK Sharon Shaw  & 
David Taylor
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