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Kim Brehmer

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Name: Kim Brehmer
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 0458 484 322
Gold Coast, Gold Coast Hinterland, The World
QLD, All States, All Countries
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About Kim Brehmer

A dear friend invited me to a Bars Workshop. It sounded a little strange and a bit weird for me, not something I was interested in.

That one day Access Bars workshop became the catalyst for a whole new beginning for me.

By the end of the workshop I was able to think clearly the brain fog cleared, I knew what my next step would be (you know when you get so low, you can’t think or see clearly, it’s like you’re surrounded by so much crap you just don’t know how to make your way out of it and no matter what you do it seems to come back) well it didn’t come back and still after 4 Years it hasn’t come back. That is one of the wonderful things about Access Consciousness tools, they clear things and they don't come back.

I have found me, and no matter what happens I am able to sail through it with ease. The Access consciousness tools that I have learned are amazing and my life just keeps getting better and better. The changes that I am seeing in my clients are just awesome, absolutely phenomenal. The tools are as easy as can be and fun.

As an Access Bars Facilitator and Access Body Processes Facilitator I introduce you to an amazingly simple way to make the changes you would like in your life, and its fun too.

If you would like to attend a Bars workshop, Foundation Level 1 workshop, 5 days of Change workshop or to take a specialty class like Money Magic, book a personal appointment or would just like more information you are most welcome to call me on 0458 484 322 or email me through the link above.

I am holding Bars Workshops, Foundation Level 1 Workshops and other specialty workshops and Access Bars and Body Processes Swaps weekly in the beautiful Gold Coast Hinterland and on the Gold Coast. If you would like to have some fun and maybe even make your world a happier place to be call me.

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