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Armina Bridgeman

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Name: Armina Bridgeman
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 1(306)228-7724
Location: Box 1785
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About Armina Bridgeman

Are you a seeker, a searcher a believer that there is more to life then just living day to day, what if you woke up everyday with a little joy, ease, fun and play? Do you feel stuck in a reality and are ready to choose more? There is so much magic in you, I wonder what else is possible?

I am a Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and Conscious Horse Conscious Rider Facilitator and Practitioner, I love the changes that these simple tools and amazing processes can offer people to choose different and create different possibilities in their lives and with their bodies. Access Consciousness offers a different way of BEing with ease, joy and glory. How does it get any better that that? What else is possible?

I look forward to hearing from you, so much awareness is waiting us all. I will travel to anywhere in the world to facilitate a class, contact me if you are interested in hosting a class. It is so fun to get together with you friends and family.

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider:
✨💥I am so excited to share what has been showing up and goes on in the Conscious Horse Conscious Rider clinics.

💫🌾✨We are seeing horses change before our eyes, we see habits and behaviours change and their body's change and become more at ease, it is beyond anything else in this reality.

✨💕💫🌾We open up our abilities to communicate energetically with the horses. They are phenomenal amazing animals and this clinic takes your natural ability to be with your horses to a new level of actually including your horse in the process by asking them questions and being aware of what they would like to tell us!
✨💫🌾What does asking your horses questions create? It allows us to find out what is creating the undesired behaviour and seeing why he has made the decision to create it, when we include them in asking if they'd like to change it it reminds them they have choice & we can change it with them with ease. Horses are not meant to be tense and upset, their natural state is calm and peace, so seeing what energy is creating the behaviour and asking him to change it we can create that peace of mind.

💫🌾💫Now, what else is possible? What do the horses know about chaos and order? Would you like to create more with your horse? Message me or contact me to come play or for more information ✨🐎💫

Check out my website to read more of my story and for class dates: www.reikiforyoursoul.ca


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Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider 25/Mar/2017 Brandon, Manitoba, Canada Armina Bridgeman
Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider 3/Jun/2017 Harris, Saskatchewan, Canada Armina Bridgeman
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