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Natalie Krishna O.S.(Orthopedic Specialist)

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Name: Natalie Krishna O.S.(Orthopedic Specialist)
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 780-916-0592
Location: Worldwide
Canada & USA
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About Natalie Krishna O.S.(Orthopedic Specialist)

Natalie is a Certified Facilitator of Possibilities, a Transformational Coach and a Body Worker. She has dedicated 16 years to study the medicine and energy of the body. Her training included learning and working as a Orthopedic Specialist, Reflexologist, Reiki Master, Chinese Medicine, Meridian Psychotherapist, Aromatherapist a Holistic Health Practitioner and a Registered Massage Therapist. She continued to expand and grow, whether it be on Sacred mountains or participating in specialty workshops with Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue and several Access™ Facilitators.
She obtained several other Certifications.
* Access Consciousness™ Certified Facilitator
* Right Relationship for You™ Facilitator
* Right Voice for You™ Facilitator
* Access Consciousness™ Body Process Facilitator
As a student and master in so many modalities she uses All of it and brings Everything to the table. She skillfully combines her knowledge along with her knowing to facilitate dynamic shifts and changes in her clients' lives, relationships, bodies and beings. Allowing people the space to show up in the world as them, acknowledge their gifts and capacities and empower them to Create a Life, Living and Relationship beyond anything they have ever imagined was possible.

Natalie is truly Creating her life by Design. She is the mother that masterfully manages her family, career and life with joy, elegance and grace. By infusing Fun into everything that she does whether it's doing the dishes or driving her car, she has brought Joy to Parenting. Her brilliant awareness, humour and strength, along with all of the tools she's acquired facilitate her in dealing with any crisis that shows up. One of the greatest gifts she has given her children is the space to create their lives, empowering them to have choice, without having to give up her life or desires. She also insists on being present for them, not allowing her phone or thoughts to distract her.
From humble, simple beginnings this diva and fashionista has become unstoppable. Traveling the world, following what feels good, shopping to her hearts content, from Vancouver, to LA, Costa Rica, Mexico, Jamaica, New York, Houston, Idaho...
One of the most amazing things about Natalie is that she uses all of the things that she loves to create a life that works for her! Artfully directing her life to achieve everything she sets her heart and mind to. Her love of makeup and shoes has allowed her to create heaven on earth, even Christian Louboutin used her pictures on his site. As well as being on Stage and learning from Kim Kardashian herself. She incorporates her bubbly, fun; loving personality into everything that she does and is a gift to everyone she meets. She is an inspiration to anyone who feels trapped and hopeless that their life will ever change. She is an example that Choice is still Possible no matter what your situation. Her life keeps getting greater and more beautiful every day. This Creator of Magnitude continues to challenge what's possible by living a life beyond her wildest dreams. I wonder, What else is possible? ®


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