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Danielle Tooley

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Name: Danielle Tooley
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 0415225261
Location: Chadstone
Australia, Worldwide
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About Danielle Tooley

I have over 16 years experience in the wellness industry having studied Kinesiology, Reflexology & Massage. I came across Access and decided to use it as an extra tool and start up my business again after a 5 years rest when I had my 2 children. I was a stay at home mum at the time and actually not living the life I knew was possible and I was stuck, really bored and had no clue on what to do to change that. I started going to classes and since using the tools of Access Consciousness® I have to say that the changes were far more dynamic that I had even anticipated. Within a month of attending my first Bars Class and foundation/ Level 1 I was seeing paid clients and had a website up and running. Since those classes I have eliminated and shifted pain in my body, that had been ongoing for years and had become part of the "norm" for me. Panadol and Nurofen were regulars in my shopping trolley and I would pop them when any pain reared its ugly head, That is no longer a reality for me and I have a whole lot more ease and joy with my body. I have shed over 5kgs of weight that my body was carrying after the children using the tools and asking questions as to what my body required. I made a demand in my universe for that to shift and it did. My money flows have increased from zero and life is a whole lot more fun! I have a whole lot less conflict in my life as trauma and drama does not interest me anymore, which as a result enhanced all my relationships including with my kids making me a much better mum for it. I was so amazed by the dynamic changes I experienced that I now share these transformational tools with clients full time running classes, tele-calls and private sessions via Skype/Zoom and in person. Some of my speciality areas are bodies, relationships, business, money and working with children.
Enjoy just a few of my clients testimonials here:

"I booked in a Skype session with Danielle when I was literally a mess over some of the behaviours my 11 year old was presenting with at school. During the session my 11 year old son was able to engage easily with Danielle as she was a true invitation for him to be himself. It was such a gift to have someone who was willing to listen to him without making him wrong for his choices and even encourage him to do what he enjoys doing most. The clearings and tools that Danielle used with him created a space and ease that has not previously been available to him and this in turn created a change for me as the parent as well. In addition this created so much more ease for him and I at home as well as at school. So much so that he can even hear me now when I discuss or suggest ways of dealing with difficult situations. He is really embracing and enjoying school more now where previously he hated it. This was only after one 30 min session! I would definitely use Danielle again the kids and I really enjoy chatting with her."

“This has seriously changed my life! I am a performer and since working with Danielle, my awareness of who I am and what I can be has become phenomenal! I have been able to create incredible opportunities and I know it’s because of this! Highly recommended!” Sarah.

“During sessions with Danielle I physically feel change as we do clearings. I had Plantar Fasciitis and Danielle did an energetic process on my foot and the symptoms were gone. I have so much more ease with my relationships and family, friends and work colleagues are all the better for it.” Ilana, 

“Dan thank you so much!! I left you feeling light and energised-just how I want to feel everyday! I am feeling inspired to write down my targets and get aiming.” Louisa.

"Hi Danielle many thanks for today's session, it was really interesting and I felt lighter of some of my own B-S afterwards (you know what I mean...) . Suddenly found myself posting an offer after spending all morning feeling like I had nothing to come up with, (now, why is that? I am getting awesome results with my life caoching clients! damn you lack of self confidence - I'll be practicing the clearing on that belief!!!) I've just put an offer for life coaching and now doing my first ever Facebook advert to the general public. Me thinks your session had a lot to do with this! Big thanks for your time xxx"

Would you like to discover what it is like to have better sleep, less mind chatter, fulfilling relationships, eliminate pain and have an ease with life that you have always been searching for yet never found? I offer classes where you can learn or experience The Bars®, Foundation, Energetic Body Processes and tools. I provide private sessions that includes Access® transformational coaching (also available via skype and phone) Symphony Sessions and The Bars. I invite you to a different possibility that can literally shift your reality into something so much greater. What would it take t have that phenomenal life? All you have to do is choose!
Check out my website for more details.

I look forward to meeting you!


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Access Bars® 29/Mar/2017 Chadstone, VIC, Australia Danielle Tooley
How to Become Money Class 29/Mar/2017 Worldwide, VIC, Australia Danielle Tooley  & 
Kerstin Reithmayr
Access Body Processes 4/Apr/2017 Peregian Beach, QLD, Australia Danielle Tooley
The Foundation 25/May/2017 Melbourne, VIC, Australia Danielle Tooley
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