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Ross Ormsby

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Name: Ross Ormsby
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: m 021 665 627 p 07 825 8856
Location: 14 Park Dr
New Zealand
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About Ross Ormsby

What if it were possible to Create Your Life Beyond Limitation?

What limitations of your body, health, money, relationships, family, business are you creating?

What’s possible? What would your life look like if you created from a space of what’s possible rather than the ‘can’ts’ ‘don’t have’ ‘trying’ limitations of this world?

What limitation are you creating your life from?

At 16 I was paralysed from a rugby scrum injury where I broke my neck and became a tetraplegic. I created many challenges with my high level of paralysis - dependence on care, sickness and relationship problems were the main ones. Throughout my life in a wheelchair I chose many times over to get out there and be greater than my physical limitation would normally allow. I chose to go to University,do sport worldwide, run business, get into adventure activities (many of them and many countries) - creating a life of adventure, stories and challenges any motivational speaker would be happy with. Looking at what I could do rather than what I couldn’t do have been the choices that create my life.

However, I was also creating infection, sickness and disease in my body and trauma and drama with accidents and with intimate and business relationships. This stuff really wasn't working for me. Around 14 years ago I started working with a energy healer/alternate therapist and various healer type people who were great for me. I would work with them and go to them for help but keep needing help after I left, recreating the dis-ease. I thought - come on, "What can I do to help myself and get free of this stuff"? It was time to see where I was operating from that kept bringing on this shit. I knew there was a whole lot of belief stuff and decisions that weren't working so I said "Enough of this, what can I learn how to change"?

Over the last number of years I've learned and trained in modalities to change and create my own life with more ease and joy. First spiritual groups, Tohunga (maori healers), Avatar, Psych K, New Zealand Essences, Theta Healing and Access Energy Transformation. I was asking for something that worked - they all did in some way but, there's that but, most weren't easy and immediate and sometimes hard to share with others while often still having those hassles in my life. Access Energy Transformation came into my world three years ago when I traveled from Wellington to Auckland in a day to attend Gary's Foundation class - wow!

I now choose to use follow the energy or my intuition/knowing. Access tools are so easy to use for me and to facilitate with others that choose them. Using the tools of Access Energy Transformation to create more of a conscious life of where more choice is possible. It feels really great to have the many other facilitators and Gary & Dane to work with in such a fun and honouring environment.

What if change were just a choice and it was easy? What if this change could be fun? What choice can you make now to create a Phenomenal life?

Access Facilitation & Classes

I enjoy being with people and facilitating the change that people choose - from those random meetings, where I'm just being me, to facilitating in classes, boardrooms and out and about. I am available for one-on-one sessions, body work, BARS and Access Intro & Clearing evenings, classes on BARS and bodywork energy. Make up your own theme for a class. I facilitate with businesses small and not so small and am available for speaking arrangements.

Some Class Themes I Present
"Creating Your Life Beyond Limitation"
"From Pain & Sickness to Health & Vitality - How Can That Be Easy?"
"Could I Facilitate Healing & Change - Yes?
"Trauma - Tools for Unlocking and Speedy Recovery"
"Moving on Quickly From the Pain of Relationship Breakup"
"Right Body For You" with various themes on Eating What Your Body Requires - Not What You Think,
"Unlocking Your Athletic Potential"
- Being More Aware on Field
- Releasing Your Performance Anxiety
Access as a Legal Performance Enhancer
"Intro to Right Body For You"
"Intro to Right Recovery for You"
What would you like to shift, change or create?

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