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Victoria Hickman

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Name: Victoria Hickman
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 0447 777 068
Location: Currimundi QLD, Rest of the World
Sunshine Coast
Sunshine Coast
Australia & NZ
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About Victoria Hickman

Hey there,

My name is Victoria Hickman and I am so grateful you are visiting my page. I am a Certified Facilitator, Joy Of Business Facilitator, Being You Facilitator, Access Body Process Facilitator, RBFY Taster Facilitator, CFMW and I also care for the Access Oz Shop.

Growing up in Nelson New Zealand one of the most gorgeous cities in the country as well as the well known Marlborough wine region I was often told by teachers at school to "get your head out of the clouds?"... Clouds, beautiful soft fluffy clouds - I felt safe in those clouds and I just wasn't interested in what they were teaching us in school - instead I was dreading going home to a house of violence.

Here is just a little of "my story"... when I was young there was plenty of emotional blackmail, physical and mental violence, abuse and fear in our household when growing up - the good times - well let's just say they were few and far between.

Married to my childhood sweetheart, we decided to take the plunge in 2004 and move our family to the Sunshine Coast in Australia when the children were 5 years old, 2 years old and 6 weeks was stressful to say the least. I mean what the hell were we thinking? Now when I think back I think as a family it was a bold but scarey decision to make and I have no regrets!

I am a mother of 3 gorgeous children and it is my desire to not repeat the cycle with my children of my childhood to allow them every opportunity to BE the magnificent BEINGS I see in them without judgment, anger and scare tactics.

Not quite sure how I was going to achieve this and honestly failing in more ways than one. I was seriously at my wits end. Very unhappy and frustrated - well miserable is a more accurate word. Continuously looking for the tool that would help me be free from the pressure I felt of not truly allowing ME to BE. Knowing just knowing that I would find it if I just took another deep breath and hung in there.

Along came a gorgeous lady with no judgement and plenty of love (thank you Chrissie) I am grateful you shared Access with me and the beginning of an exciting journey began to unfold.

I am calmer, happier and have so much more SPACE in my once very noisy mind. As my journey continues and I utilize and embrace the tools available through Access in my daily life I can only imagine where it is going to lead from here.

Today I love to share the tools of Access with anyone who is looking for more in their space. More peace, more ease, more knowing.... more awareness. I am available for consultations, classes and swaps - if you would like to choose more for you I'd love to welcome you to one of my classes, sessions, or maybe even a POD if I'm hosting one.

What can I share with you today.... totally off the cuff ... it would be. "Keep on choosing, keep on moving and of course What Else Is Possible? YOU deserve to BE who you truly BE!

With hugs and appreciation



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🌎 Access Streamed Online POD: The Global Foundation with Gary Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer 28/Apr/2017 Show all venues for this class  
🌎 Access Streamed Online POD: The Global Foundation with Gary Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer 28/Apr/2017 Australia Gary Douglas  & 
Victoria Hickman
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