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Liam Phillips

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Name: Liam Phillips
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 0481253120, or use skype to contact me liam.phillips69
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Are you ready for something different?Liam Phillips - Access Consciousness Facilitator

"Just as I was about to die I chose something called Access Consciousness Bars and this started my journey of happiness, health and awareness rather than the pain and suffering of this reality.

As I became aware of the numerous fixed points of view that I had, the incredible amounts of judgment that cemented all those in place and everywhere I was making myself wrong my body started to change dynamically.

I now had at my fingertips these weird tools and processes from Access Consciousness that allowed me to facilitate that change further.

After the Bars session and class I was able to receive more from the therapies, drugs and diets and I quickly built a communion with my body. At the beginning of that journey I never released how different this stuff really is as I had too many points of view to perceive that. But the marvelous thing was that the changes were so fast and easy as long as I used the tools and processes and did not come to answer or conclusion.

It was not long before I was no longer the effect of drugs, diets or therapies and their associated points of view and I could start to make choices from my own knowing.

The result for me was no more disease and I quickly realized the power of this weird stuff called Access Consciousness and wrote a book of how I used these tools called ‘Curing the Incurable.’ Yes! I got my ‘cure’ so I no longer had to consider suicide.

But the real gift I received was so much more. A happiness that I never knew existed, a level of energy that had always escaped me and ever expanding possibilities of consciousness.

If possibilities are infinite what will you choose?"

Access Consciousness literally saved Liam Phillips life, he currently lives Nelson New Zealand.

Liam was dying and searching for tools and processes to heal his body. Liam was a teacher for primary and disabled children for many years before he opened the door to different forms of transformational work. He was already a well recognized yoga and meditation teacher working in schools of mysticism and ashrams around the world and spent many years healing as a Reiki master and tarot reader. When disease struck he was in the middle of buying an organic food emporium. Liam tried every modality, diet and medication under the sun and could not find any lasting relief, then he 'bumped' in to Access Consciousness. What if you could have a different possibility that was fun and easy? Would you choose it?

"That has now all changed. It wasn’t the medication, the numerous therapies, the dozens of diets, or hours of meditation that made that possible. It was me! Oh and of course my cute body (bod just gave me an energetic poke in the ribs). Sure I used all of those things, sure some assisted me and some didn’t, but nothing really gave me what I was searching for."

Liam now facilitates Access Consciousness classes and Curing the Incurable classes around the world. He is now the author of 8 books and facilitates people in all areas of life from money to health and beyond. He has 4 special interest areas, health, technology, business and entities all wrapped in yummy consciousness.

"The biggest buzz I get out of facilitation is seeing people's face light up as they get the awareness of how amazing they truly are!"

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• Individual clearing sessions live and telephone
• Individual Bars sessions
• Bodywork sessions
• Facilitation of Bars, Foundation and Level 1 classes.
• Curing the Incurable
• Talk to the Entities
• Joy of Technology
• SOP - Symphony Of Possibilities sessions
• Business play


"Thank you so much for everything you gifted to me during the call. It was so amazing, is so amazing. I´ve received so much from what you said about my email. I´ve received so much in many different ways. I have not received like that ever before. Thank u so much!!"

"Trying to find the words to express how much it meant to me... but the words seems so not enough… well I´m sure you perceive the energy of it….
With Love and times a Godzillon of gratitude J”
Maria, Europe

“Thank you sooo much Liam, I am spinning, I guess I am vortexing from the call”
Jade, USA

"I am back in Aotearoa/NZ and thought that I would just flick you an email to let you know how much I appreciated your contribution to my daughter & I while we were in Oz? you truly are amazing? How did I get so lucky?”
Krystal, New Zealand

"Hey Liam, Just wanted to say thanks a million for putting Access Consciousness onto my radar - can't believe I've made it this far without finding it... arghhhh... but now I have, thanks to you. Jesus, it's amazing. The amount of stuff I've lifted from just doing the clearing statement and the IPOV, just incredible. Anyway, how does it get better than this? Much love" Ambika

"Hi Liam,Thank you so much for the weekend. I really enjoyed it very much and I am perceiving things in a different way. Meant to email you last night but got side tracked and forgot. Interestingly enough this morning while in Cairns, I noticed that I my breathing is more relaxed and deeper. So something must have shifted. I have always been a shallow breather and to breathe deeply is such an effort." Ivy


Click HERE and grab a recording of 'You Are The Cure' - Designed to empower you and your body !!!.

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Access Bars® 24/Mar/2017 London, UK Liam Phillips  & 
Alun Jones
The Foundation 25/Mar/2017 London, UK Liam Phillips
The Foundation 31/Mar/2017 Cobh, Ireland Lisa Benitz  & 
Liam Phillips
Talk to the Entities - Introduction 2/Apr/2017 Cobh, Ireland Liam Phillips
Being You – The One-Day Adventure 6/Apr/2017 Vienna, Austria Liam Phillips
The Foundation 7/Apr/2017 Viena, Austria Liam Phillips  & 
Matt Bochsler
Talk to the Entities - Introduction 11/Apr/2017 Vienna, Austria Liam Phillips
Talk to the Entities - A Whole New World 12/Apr/2017 Vienna, Austria Liam Phillips
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