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Simona Vasi

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Name: Simona Vasi
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: +61 401688964
Location: 5 corella street Forest Glen
Sunshine coast
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About Simona Vasi

I’m Simona Vasi.

I began exploring energies and different modalities from the age of 12, which is when it started dawning on me that there is more to life than just being born, going to school/uni, getting a job, getting married and having children. I could see that people worked hard for retirement, thinking that was when they would enjoy life, but they then looked back and felt as though they didn’t live at all and had missed out on all the fun. Only then they saw that everything in this reality that is considered valuable was not enough.

For me, as an adult living life and being successful in this material world and being stuck in the trauma and drama and intrigue of this reality was not enough, I kept on searching for something more expansive, joyful and magical.

I began exploring further into different healing, spiritual and metaphysical modalities to find answers as to why I was not feeling complete. I went down some interesting paths looking for that magic and I found some, but when I came to Access Consciousness, which helped me unlock so much it changed all my belief system.
I realised that magic is all around us and I found it’s something we can create in our everyday lives, if only we are willing to believe in ourselves. I then realised that every time that I acknowledge that, I can create amazing things, I have them showing up in my life … as soon as I ask for them.

In doing so, I have made some tremendous changes in my life and have helped people to make changes in theirs, and to bring magic and happiness into their lives too. We all can create what we desire our lives to be and to see that magic and happiness are real and live our life with ease, joy and glory.

When we consciously start perceiving our life and living in the moment, our lives become magical, and we open up to the amazing and wonderful possibilities for our future.
It is a pleasure watching people’s lives change right in front of my eyes as they remove all limitations and start believing in themselves, and to see them empowered to be who they truly are and create amazing relationships, riches and lives with ease joy and glory.
I have seen my clients and friends make huge changes in their lives, including finding new jobs, new partners, new properties, more money – and, best of all, new hope and outlooks.

How dose it get better then this?

If there are places where you can not get things in your life to work the way you know they ought to, then you might be interested in attending an Access Consciousness workshop.

So what would it take for you to change your life?


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