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Ana Cristina Studer

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Name: Ana Cristina Studer
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 5153416257
Location: 828 220th Street
United States
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About Ana Cristina Studer

I was born in Colombia, South America and became a General Doctor ( Family Doctor). After few years of practice I got really frustrated about the amount of time that I could spend with my patients and the little amount of permanent healing I could offer to them and the lack of empowering that the traditional medicine give to the people to know what they know about their bodies ... so I studied Syntergetica ( synthesis of non traditional medicine and energy work created by Dr. Carvajal in Colombia and now practiced around the world). This approach gave me more possibilities with my patients and myself. I continued studying on my own after I came to the USA and early in 2013 I found Access Consciousness. Since then my life has change in every single aspect. I am healthier, happier, perceive more possibilities to change what I no longer enjoy in my life and I use the Access tools every single day...:)
The pragmatic tools that Access offers and the hands on processes are very easy to learn and use. You don't need to be an expert in energy work. The Bars and the tools will work if you decide to use them...:) How does it get any easier than this?
Kids , adults, elderly....all of us can gift and receive The Bars...its easy and fun!!!!
If you are interested in a Bars session, or a different Body Process to be gifted to your body...or if you choose to learn the Bars please contact me at:
cell 515-341-6257
or email me at:
I am fluid in Spanish and English ...:)


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