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Max Riggs

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Name: Max Riggs
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 206-659-6299
Location: 94th and Roosevelt Seattle, WA 98115
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About Max Riggs

Have you always known that there was more to life than what we have been told? Or that the world should be different? Or shouldn’t life just be easier?

Access classes or facilitation allows us to access the power within us allowing us to feel the way we choose to feel without regard to what has happened to us or is happening to us now. You can start right away with free Access tools on the Internet, make an appointment, or attend one of my classes.

Through verbal and hands-on processes, I focus on clearing the judgments that prevent us from becoming the people we know we could be and empowering us to make any change we desire. My practice quickly gets to and clears the issues that have been holding you back. We move at your pace and you may be surprised at just how fast you can change. I know the spots where you might get stuck, because I’ve been there too.

Together with my clients we have created great changes, removing negative judgments, limiting beliefs, trauma, abuse and speeding physical healing. I look forward to working with you to create the life and living that you have desired.

Join me for
Access Bars Classes
Access Body Processes Classes
The Foundation
Private Facilitation
Outdoor or Activity based facilitation.
Group Facilitation
Body Processes to unlock body and emotional challenges
SOP - Symphony sessions for dynamic energetic change
In person or phone based facilitation

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Max Riggs

MapleLeaf/Green Lake, Seattle, Washington

Client Testimonials:

I received a session from Max immediately after I fell waterskiing and hurt my neck. He helped me gain great insights into why I hold my tension, regret and frustration in my neck. After we did a few techniques, the tension left my body and I felt immediate relief. I also realized that the tension was related to something that happened 2 years ago. This tension was also holding me back in my life and my business. Since letting go of the anger, regret and frustration, I have had my most successful week in my business and my life in months!!! Thank you Max!
Carol - Seattle


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Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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