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Larina Chester

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Name: Larina Chester
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 0407870050
Location: Yaroomba
Sunshine Coast
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About Larina Chester

Massaging the tension from your scalp and neck and running fingers through your hair. Light tender strokes of your cheeks and brow softening and melting away the frowns. Feet, ankles, hands, shoulders, how many parts of your body have been missing kind and caring touch?

Just like young mammals our bodies’ are vibrant and thrive when touched. There may be many decisions, judgements and conclusions we make to not be touched by another person. The most common is the misconception that the only time we can receive physical nurturing is during sex. What if this is not true? What if you could receive that caring touch without it being misconstrued, forced or invasive? Even better, what if you could change your life by being willing to receive more of that caring and kindness?

I would like to invite you to new possibilities with your body. Soothing, letting go of limitations, defragging of a busy mind, unwinding tight muscles and joints and nurturing touch. Guided by your body and using the dynamic tools of Access Consciousness™ I invite you and your body to a renewed sense of ease, relaxation and revitalisation.

Like to know more? Please telephone or email me to …
 Ask questions? Free 5-10 minute chat
 Access Bars® sessions & classes
 Access Energetic Facelift™ sessions & classes
 Access Body Process sessions & classes
 ESSE (Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment) sessions for you &/ your pet(s)

(No prior experience necessary!)

If you were choosing for you, what would you choose?

‘All of Life Comes to Us With Ease, Joy & Glory’®

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