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Viv Adcock

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Name: Viv Adcock
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 07 5449 7088 or 0418456498
Location: Noosa Holistic Health,35 Mary St, Noosaville 4566
Sunshine Coast
Australia, UK, The World and BEYOND!!
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About Viv Adcock


Have you seen the movie The Matrix? Do you remember the part where Neo meets Morpheus for the first time and he offers him the blue pill(to go back to the life he knew) or the red pill ( that would blow all his beliefs and paradigms of what he was capable of?)...well Access is the red pill for me...and I'm stoked I took it!!
I have been involved with natural therapies for 17 years and I have searched and experimented with many modalities and philosophies, in the vain hope they would "fix me". NOTHING comes close to the ease, lightness and fun that I have experienced with the Access processes. As soon as I had finished my first Bars class, my knowing(which was fairly dormant at the time) alerted me to learn these amazing tools.I simply KNEW that I was going to be a Facilitator...
I apply the Access tools to all that I already do in my clinic and have been stunned by the rapidity and immediate change this allows for my clients and it is truly empowering them to choose for themselves.Their knowing and other hidden talents surface, they are happier and at ease with who they are. Instead of constantly looking at the wrongness of themselves, they now ask "whats right about me that I'm not getting?". the magic starts to show up the more they ask the question...


Access for Animals.....Horses,dogs,cats.....and what else is possible??

A quote from Gary Douglas (a phenomenal horse trainer and founder of Access Consciousness),

Everything on this Earth has consciousness. Everything.If you start to function with the consciousness of things,they will tell you what THEY would like and and how to function WITH them. This is especially true of animals...

I am a certifed Access Facilitator(of people) and also a CONSCIOUS HORSE CONSCIOUS RIDER facilitator after spending time in Texas USA learning form Gary.

What if you were willing to be present with your horse, with no point of view, you could generate a connection beyond what you could conceive was possible?

Did you know that your horse is willing to contribute to you, your body, your life and living and exponentialise your awareness?

What if your "horses problems,emotional or physical aren't problems and could be changed with creating clarity,asking questions, using some simple tools and processes?

What if you had the capacity to assist your horse with energetic bodywork to facilitate, his body, health and compliment any vetinary work???

Could you be your own horse or animal whisperer??

Gary has written a phenomenal book called Talk To The Animals,(available through me or via www.accessconsciosness.com) which contains case histories of animals he has helped and some tools that can get you started .

As a facilitator I am happy to work with your animal (via you the owner) over the phone,or via a picture or I am available for call-outs .
Together we can address any issue and create different possibilities for you, your horse or pet.
I also hold classes that can be tailored to your personal requirements , whether it be dealing with young horses, improving your riding skills,creating a greater connection through awareness and leadership, attitude problems or any other mysterious situation that isn't changing!!

see www.vivadcock.com


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