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Dr. Lona Smith

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Name: Dr. Lona Smith
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 469-583-3043
Location: 4231 Sigma Road, Suite 125
USA, The World
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About Dr. Lona Smith

I am so excited you have found your way to this page. What a wonderful journey you are about to embark on..... if you CHOOSE! There are greater possibilities available to you in this lifetime....if you CHOOSE!

I would like to be the invitation for you to create a greater possibility in your life. Is the journey easy? Is any worthwhile journey easy? But All of Life Comes To Me with Ease, Joy and Glory! Right? It can be easy if you CHOOSE easy!

"All of Life Comes to Me with Ease, Joy and Glory" is the mantra of Access Consciousness. That one statement has changed my life! NO! I have chosen and changed my life. AND YOU CAN TOO! Access Consciousness has provided the tools to awareness that I did not have before I started this journey and I have chosen the journey and chosen differently! Access Consciousness offers simple, pragmatic tools that create greater awareness and possibilities for change in all areas of life, including relationships, business, money, caring for the earth, bodies and health. The evolution of my life has been created through the use of these tools. I choose many times a day and you can too!

I am a bit weird, wacky, joyous, fun and sometimes crazy! I love to laugh, create with joy and be silly! I can be quiet, serious and intense. I choose to be all of those things. I am an athlete, an entrepreneur, a mentor, a teacher and a friend. I have failed in the eyes of the world many times - in business, in relationships and with money. I am choosing again. I am choosing differently. I would like to empower you with the tools to help you choose again too!

I have been called "too large," "too big," too loud" and many other "too's" all my life. But now, I choose to be that way! Now I receive the judgement of the "too's" with gratitude. I will be present with you and I will be real with you. And when you choose I will be ready to play with you on this adventure of life.

Will you come with me on that journey to find a life filled with ease, joy and glory?

I wonder what can we create together? I would love to empower you to know what you know in the process!

What is right about you that you're are not getting? Are you willing to receive more than you never imagined?

Will you step into your knowing and join me on a wonderful adventure to awareness and receiving? Are you communicating with you animals with ease? Can I offer assistance? Humans, Humanoids, Horse, Equinoids, Dogs and Cats are all part of the world I play in. Would you like to come play too?

Reach out! I will be there!

With Joy and Gratitude for you!

Dr. Lona Smith, B.C.N.D., C.F.M.W.
Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator
Access Bars Facilitator
Body Process Facilitator
ESSE Facilitator
CHCR Facilitator

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