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Jacqui Revell

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Name: Jacqui Revell
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 04 500 55 225
Hervey Bay
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About Jacqui Revell

Hello beautiful beings

My first class was Being You, Changing the World.

The easy and fun tools that I continue to learn and impliment give me the ability to keep stepping away from "reaction, drama, frustrated" and forward into the life I really desire. The life that seemed so far away now becomes more possible. In the past I felt that this reality, this world, was so unkind that I would rather not play the game anymore.

Yet in the depths of my being I knew that it could be another way and I wasn't ready to give up.

Who ever thought that placing my fingers on someone’s head and knowing that both of us would be transforming something could be so amazing. Having my bars run by friends, verbalising the upset and drama, having someone to receive me with no judgement, clearing the upset with simple statements and then drifting off into la la land where my body truly gets to relax is my idea of self-nurturing.

I'm now committed to being available for others so that you can begin to step into the life that you desire. I offer individual sessions, so come on over, lie down and allow the clutter to drift away.



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