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Kathy Yurista

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Name: Kathy Yurista
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: 505-699-5605
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About Kathy Yurista

and Glory

I’ve never experienced a way of making changes in my life that is as fun and sensible as with Access. The Bars, the questions, the other tools and body processes of Access help create Lightness of Being and Space for Possibilities. Limitations are released. That allows me to create a life full of Joy and ease. Would that be possible for you, you ask? Indeed! Where would you like to put your energy? Would you like to start choosing greater possibilities for yourself?

Access has helped me realize and discover that we are constantly creating our lives, in every moment actually, with every choice. Running the Bars and using the tools gives us the opportunity to receive an awareness and say… ok, omg, ahhhh, wow, really, that’s an interesting point of view I’ve been functioning from. From there…start asking questions. It’s easy, let’s start with, “what else is possible?” Then, “how does it get better than that?” I ask these questions hundreds of times a day and it’s amazing what shows up as possibilities. Give it a try! See what pops in. Its kind of fun to keep a notebook handy and write down all the things that happen so easily. Even something as simple as wanting a piece of good chocolate and then two storefronts down there is a chocolate shop that you didn’t know about. And say “Wow, did I create that? How does it get better than that? What else is possible?”

For the past 40+ years I’ve been an organic farmer. I learned a lot of things caring for the land and all kinds of critters. I recognized and became aware that when I paid attention to, nurtured, cared for and appreciated all living things, they thrived. Thrival. What if I did that for myself? What would be possible? What would my life look and be like if I thrived? Access has guided me in that journey. Want to come along? Come, play with me, let’s see what we can create together and have a lot of fun along the way. Or don’t… it’s your choice!


Kind words from others:

“ It was my very distinct pleasure to receive a healing from Kathy at the Monterey Physic fair some months ago. Because of the venue, the session was only 15 minutes in length. But I did have several terrific experiences because of it. The most obvious was that I sat down with a pounding headache and stood up after the session with-out the head ache, rejuvenated and feeling as if I had the weight excess baggage taken off my back. When we are in Monterey again I will most definitely experience Kathy’s genuine connection to source and talent for a much longer time”. Dale Lawrence


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