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John Andros

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Name: John Andros
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: 0408670711
Location: Fremantle
Western Australia
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About John Andros

Many of us are seeking a different possibility or something greater than what has been showing up.

Access tools and techniques open up the space for you to be and have more of you by deleting old files that may be limiting you and limit your capacity to receive.

What if you could unlock these limitations and be the greatness, wonderfulness and lightness the lightness that you truly be?

What if you could start having way more fun?

Having your "Bars run and using the Access tools changes the way you function in the world and opens up you being the exuberant expression of joyfulness you truly be!

I am available for Bars Sessions and Workshops in the Fremantle area in Western Australia.

"Be you change the world"

John Andros
0408 670 711


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Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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