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Jennifer Cramer Lewis (formerly Windsor)

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Name: Jennifer Cramer Lewis (formerly Windsor)
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Location: Canada, USA, Europe, Asia, India, Central America why not just ask me and see what we can create!
Vancouver Area
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About Jennifer Cramer Lewis (formerly Windsor)

Welcome Consciousness Curious!

Jennifer came to this planet with an inner knowing of how people work and a laser-sharp ability to draw lines in between what people were saying, what they were doing and what they were actually hoping to accomplish. Jennifer started speaking at four months of age and not too long afterwards ideas about what people could do differently would pop into her head and out her mouth they would fly!

Telling adults what they are doing wrong and what they can do to improve their lives wasn’t popular; Jennifer was often in trouble for sharing her findings.

Jennifer learned to read at age three and loved using new words and reading giant books. Luckily, her Mom was excited by her thirst for knowledge and bought her new books regularly. Jennifer combed the house for anything exciting to read and found not only novels and National Geographic magazines, but also the Dictionary, the Bible, The Way and Colliers Encyclopedias. Jennifer found in reading a ready friend to entertain her and nourish her famished curiosity about people.

Jennifer started attending self development courses at sixteen. When the people in her class discovered that she was not an adult, they were surprised and annoyed that she had insight beyond her years. Jennifer used to allow this to mean something about her, that she was too candid, too blunt, too helpful and that it was somehow all too much for the world around her. For many years she dialed it back, dulled it down and tried to stuff herself into the box that everyone around her seemed to fit into so stylishly.

In early adulthood, Jennifer discovered a capacity for Real Estate and in turn, sold, financed and managed residential, commercial and investment properties working in this field for the majority of her adult life. Jennifer used her capacities to change some of the processes for financing and managing real estate so that the people who lived there could enjoy their homes more and have the real estate gain value, so it did!

Jennifer’s first discovered Access Consciousness® happened in 2010 while listening to an internet radio show. A facilitator was explaining how 98% of our thoughts and feelings are not even ours. Jennifer had a “lightbulb moment” that perhaps she wasn’t too much; she was just more aware of the thoughts and feelings of the people around her than the average person.

Jennifer was so excited about this new knowledge that she jumped right in and right away got her Access Consciousness Bars™ Facilitator license. Quickly thereafter, she went on to become an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator™, an Access Body Process Facilitator™ as well as a Right Relationship for You™ Facilitator.

Helping people become more aware of what they know about their lives is Jennifer’s full-time job and she couldn’t be happier. Jennifer’s clients laugh when things fly out of her mouth that they have been thinking or feeling for years!

Jennifer’s biggest hope for her clients is that they stop looking to the past to create their future and that she can be the catalyst for them creating the life that they always knew was possible and didn’t know how to initiate. Jennifer asks herself everyday, “How did I get so lucky?” and is so thrilled with the changes that she has made to her everyday life with the tools of Access.

Jennifer has facilitated and coached for local and national corporations on a professional level and is now bringing that love of transformation to YOU.

Jennifer has appeared as a guest on both local and international transformational radio shows and blogs such as Right Riches for You with Curry Glassell, Creating Beyond Reality with Heather Nichols, Infinite Energies with Lisa Benitz, The Conscious Kids Club to name a few.

Through local and global events and workshops, Jennifer connects with your higher resonance/potential then introduces pragmatic real life tools and processes that will change any area of your life that is not operating at full capacity.

How does your life get any better?


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☀ Access Consciousness® at Expos 24/Jan/2017 Terrace , British Columbia, Canada Jennifer Cramer Lewis (formerly Windsor)
Access Bars® 25/Jan/2017 Terrace , British Columbia, Canada Jennifer Cramer Lewis (formerly Windsor)
The Foundation 26/Jan/2017 Terrace BC, Canada Jennifer Cramer Lewis (formerly Windsor)
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