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Karen Vanner

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Name: Karen Vanner
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: +64 273264631
Location: Dannevirke
Hawkes Bay
Dannevirke, New Zealand
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About Karen Vanner

Hi beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by my page and exploring this thing called Access Consciousness.

Are you looking for change?
Are you fed up with feeling stuck?
Do you hope that one day you will feel powerful, limitless, or for starters, at least okay?

I know how that feels. I used to feel broken. I didn’t trust myself and felt so much shame. I used to describe myself as a quiet church mouse. I stayed in a relationship for 10 years where I felt less than, not good enough and was constantly judged. I felt so powerless I used to hide and pretend I wasn’t there. I left that relationship with my two kids and tippy-toed in the world hoping to find something that would fix me.

And then I stumbled upon Access Consciousness… I almost didn’t start because I agonised about spending $200 on myself for a bars class (whatever that was?!) when that money could had been used to buy groceries for my kids.

But I did take that class back in 2011. And let’s just say, OMG! how I have changed!

The ‘sperm donor’ that had me walking on egg shells all those years – he is now intimidated by me because I know what I know now and I stand in my power!

I am magic and I acknowledge what I create with ease. Like selling and buying a new home in just two weeks during a housing recession. That’s not supposed to be possible…

I’m not a bad mum like I thought I was. I no longer fret about what others say about my parenting or my kids. My children are amazing, caring beings. I adore them and they adore me!

I would have been mortified if someone asked me to speak publicly in the past. And I was teased as a child for my so-called high voice, so I made myself invisible. Now I give presentations, facilitate classes and private sessions and post my video tips and tools for transformation all over Facebook. Judgment can’t stop me anymore. And I have so much fun!

And my body is so much happier! I use to hide it under baggy, dark clothes and now I’m listening to it, I wear tight clothes with bright colours, and I adorn my body with beautiful jewellery. It makes my body purr….

I’m telling you this not to show off but to show you what is possible when we let go of the judgments and limiting points of view about ourselves and our lives, and get really curious about what else we could be and create.

What if you are so much closer to realising your dreams than you imagined? Would you gift yourself the possibility to explore that and receive that with ease?

I would love to contribute to you stepping more into your own magic and brilliance. I will have your back! If I can contribute to you in any way, please contact me.

Karen x


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