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Greg Bryers

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Name: Greg Bryers
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: +64 272764953
Location: Herrenstrasse 22
Totzenbach 3062
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About Greg Bryers

To say that I have always known there is more to life would be an understatement. I was raised with a religious background but knew quite young that it was not where life’s journey was leading. I knew things, and others saw this as “odd’, and didn’t really understand how or where the knowing of mine came from. I always knew when someone was in pain and exactly where in their bodies the pain was centred. I was adjusting my fathers back for him when I was eleven…I knew when people were sick, or dying, and even understood that some were choosing to die.
I was definitely the square peg trying to fit in the round hole and be like everyone around me….but I just didn’t really fit.
A number of health issues slowed me up for a while and made me look at me and “woke me up”. I started to really look at life differently and to accept the gift I have….and to start using it. I trained in massage but soon realised that much of what I perceived in the clients bodies had nothing to do with accidents or physical but were linked to deep issues of self and surroundings. I studied Louise Hay books, Eastern processes of healing such as acupressure, Chi gong and shiatsu, so that I could find other ways of releasing the emotional and energetic components of poor health. I actually found I was helping people make a difference but always felt there should be more.
Access consciousness is a set of tools that I have been searching for all my life. The tools give me the language to open up peoples realities and facilitate changes that I only dreamed possible…and not only in others but profoundly within my own being. By combining these tools, as taught by Gary and Dain, within the parameters of the five aspects of intimacy we see miracles happen.
I am deeply grateful to Gary for bringing the Bars and Access to us. For both Gary and Dain for sharing it in such a way that it is readily available to everyone. Im grateful to my wonderful friend Karen for having the courage to not only invest money in herself, but then come back and share what she had discovered with her friends in our little home town.To Gary and Dain, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
To everyone who has asked me to work with them on their body and being and have come with vulnerability, trust, allowance, gratitude and honouring….I honour you for you desire to choose and receive change. What else is possible and where will this all lead us…perhaps to greater and more possibilities than even we can dream of, or imagine.


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Access Bars Gifting & Receiving 4/Apr/2017 3062 Totzenbach, Austria Gabriele Liesenfeld  & 
Greg Bryers
The Foundation 12/May/2017 Hennef -Stadt Blankenberg, Germany Greg Bryers  & 
Gabriele Liesenfeld
Access Bars® 27/May/2017 Totzenbach, Austria Greg Bryers  & 
Gabriele Liesenfeld
The Foundation 9/Jun/2017 München, Germany Gabriele Liesenfeld  & 
Greg Bryers
The Foundation 12/Aug/2017 5020 Salzburg, Austria Gabriele Liesenfeld  & 
Greg Bryers
The Foundation 8/Sep/2017 Bremen, Germany Greg Bryers  & 
Gabriele Liesenfeld
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