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Dr Ashish Narayankar

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Name: Dr Ashish Narayankar
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 919820141779
Location: Andheri west
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About Dr Ashish Narayankar

Dr Ashish Narayankar is a Certified Facilitator ,a Body process facilitator and Talk to The Entities Facilitator. He facilitates Access Bars, Foundation, Level 1, Access Body Processes , talk to the enities classes and other short classes on money,relationships,health and diseases etc in Mumbai and all over the world. Besides being a Clinical Hypnotherapist & a Post Graduate in Past Life Regression Therapy, he is trained in multiple healing modalities like Theta healing, Psych-k, EFT, Meta medicine to name a few. He has mastered Bach flower remedy and works holistically using Medical Science and Energy Medicine. He specializes in Cancer Healing and has successfully reversed many medical cases which were termed incurable.

A qualified doctor by profession and being highly energy sensitive he could often perceive the emotions of his patients in the hospital and realized that there is much more in healing someone than using just orthodox medicine. He would wonder sitting in the psychiatric wards, “Why do people get depressed?” “Why do people get sick?” and mainly “What can I do differently to help them?” He knew that 99% of all the illnesses are psycho somatic and that it was more important to work on the person rather than working on the disease to cure it . This awareness led him to numerous numbers of healing modalities. One thing led to another and he started working on his clients in a holistic way treating the mind, body and spirit aspect.

When he came across Access consciousness and was introduced to Bars, he immediately resonated with the philosophies of Access. The Bars created wonderful shifts in his personal life. He started using Access in his practice and with every successive session he witnessed dramatic shifts in his clients. It worked wonderfully on medical problems, relationship issues and even finances. There was no looking back after that! He truly believes in Empowerment and has found the philosophies and tools of Access the most empowering. Through the Bars and other classes of Access that he conducts, he enjoys sowing seeds of awareness in his patients and participants so that they are personally empowered to make the changes in their lives.

He has been encouraging everyone to go through a bars session if not a class , to open up possibilities for themselves. Life would then never be the same again ! HOW DOES IT GET BETTER THAN THIS?

So, what would it take for you to come for a bars class and open up your life to infinite possibilities? Would you like to bring Everything into your life with ease, joy and glory? Then find Dr Ashish Narayankar or the nearest Bars Facilitator and get ready to spin magic into your life :)


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