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Janie Smith

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Name: Janie Smith
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: 970-901-2635
Location: 6035 N Castano Dr
Litchfield Park
United States
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About Janie Smith

Starting in the summer of 2000 my first experience with any sort of energy work was a gifted Reiki session from my aunt. I went from Reiki 1 to Reiki Mastery. Reiki opened up a whole different world for me. I had been told since I was little that I didn’t actually see things, it was all in my head, I was too sensitive, and everything short of being told I was crazy. I grew up in a very religious home and there were certain things that just were not talked about, seeing elementals and beings was one of them!

I went from Reiki to Massage therapy to Health and lifestyle coaching. While taking online classes through Integrative Institute for Nutrition I was introduced to Access. A friend of mine had taken a bars class and was all excited to share. I did a few sessions with her, after about a year of her talking about access I took a bars class. Best choice ever!! I was thinking access was just like everything else, just a fad/phase, and because I was still not creating the life I wanted, I thought access would be just another expense.

I knew that creating beyond what I could fathom was a possibility. I did not know how to create that and where to even begin. Within 17 months of my first bars class I had become a Certified Facilitator, taken a Right Body for You class, Money classes, Distractor Implant classes, plus extras from the Access Shop and different Facilitators. I have since chosen 3 Day Body Process classes, Symphony of Posibility Classes & Advanced Body Process classes.

Currently with the classes I have been choosing I was gifted, by my husband, the chance to travel out of the United States! How does it get better than that?!! I have been to Costa Rica, Australia, and London. Before Access it was a fantasy somewhere in the future and not in this life time to have this in my reality.

I have found with Access, more joy, possibilities, choice, and ease with life. It has helped with my marriage, my children, and my personal care for my own self.

As a Health & Lifestyle Coach, Massage Therapist, and Energy Healer, I love to teach people to be who they truly can be and how to become their own magic of life and living. My speciality is creating the space for you to choose ease and change with your body, with you, and all areas of your life and living.

Currently I'm teaching Bars, Foundation & Level One, Intro to Bars with Children, and more!
I love to travel & I'm totally willing to travel to teach classes!

Find me on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/janie.health.coach
Find me on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/pub/janie-smith/87/b59/839/

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