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Steve Comer

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Name: Steve Comer
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: 626-524-0062
St. George
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About Steve Comer

STEVE COMER, was born and raised in the United States and grew up on baseball fields
and basketball courts. At an early age, his father exposed him to the Fitness Industry that led him to having a successful career as a Personal Trainer. In 1998, Steve lost his father to Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia and began to research a number of different approaches to living, spiritual practices and alternative healthcare. He graduated with a Business Degree in 2002 and then customized his higher education studying at Parker Chiropractic College, Dallas college of Oriental Medicine and Southern California University of Health Sciences.

In 2007 he began to teach workshops as a facilitator for Access Consciousness and has internationally been recognized for his capacity to read the energies of the body and assist people in releasing their limitations and transforming their realities.. He has facilitated hundreds of workshops traveling throughout North America, Australia, New Zeland, Sweden, Turkey, Denmark, Spain, India, Italy and S. Korea and he has been featured on many television and radio programs including CNN, TNT and FOX radio.

After facilitating the Access Body Class for 4 years, Steve continues to facilitate bars, foundation and level one workshops and has integrated the bodywork with breathwork, movement and meditation to create a new workshop called Elements of Exuberance.

In his spare time he enjoys surfing, freerunning and embarrassing his two beautiful children.

For more information check out www.elementsofexuberance.com


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