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Carina Jensen

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Name: Carina Jensen
Certification: Bars Facilitator
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About Carina Jensen

Check it out; How does it get any better than this?! :)

Before I discovered Access Consciousness in 2009 I had struggled for more than 20 years with intense chronic pains, fatigue and depression. All I knew was dis-ease. I went to my first Bars class not knowing anything of what it was about…and everything changed!! I like to think of that day as my actual birthday :) For me the shift was profound and immediate. I felt a peace of mind and a gentle softness in my body that I had forgot was available…Finally! I knew right away that I had found what would not only save my life, but also assist me in accessing all that I knew could be possible; a way to access ME, to be free, happy and healthy! I did, and it happened fast! Since then I keep expanding every day by using the simple tools of Access, and it's so much fun to be alive now!!!

My fascination with The Bars and all the Access tools continues as I see people around me shift fast and easy into more joy of living, as they start being more of who THEY are. It is a beautiful thing to witness and I'm amazed every time! :) As a Bars Facilitator I have the privilege to be a contribution to this in people's lives, as they are a contribution in mine. It's awesome!

I moved from Sweden to Asia, how does it get any better than that?! An unexpected result of continuously exploring new possibilities for expanding and creating my own life from JOY! Allowing myself to be as crazy and aware as I am has led me on many fun adventures :) And as I travel around I so enjoy sharing the possibilities of these pragmatic tools for change that are available to us! What more adventures are possible now that we all choose to come alive and together create change in the world?!? I would REALLY like to know! :)

If you'd like to host me anywhere in Asia, I am happy to travel, please feel welcome to contact me!


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