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Grace Hart

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Name: Grace Hart
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 0466266943
Location: NSW, WA, SA, QLD, VIC, NT, ACT, Tasmania, NZ, Asia, Europe, Japan,India, UK, Ireland, Canada, USA, United Emirates, Scotland... Literally anywhere in the world!
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About Grace Hart

In this reality, this very strange, weird, uncaring reality.. where lives are taken for granted and strenuous effort is considered to be the utmost of importance… Grace is a beacon of light.

While wandering through life in Australia, she is one of the rare ones showing people a different way to be by just being who she be. An infinite being that literally lives and breathes Ease, Joy and Glory. This being, which happens to go by the totally appropriate name of Grace Hart, indeed has had many challenges in her life.

However she has never allowed those challenges stop her from delightfully touching the lives of others. Whether it be a casual conversation at a bus stop, a more formal setting of a telecall, or a simple cup of coffee at her favourite café, the magic that surrounds this woman is simply astounding and is felt by many who come in contact with her.
Grace really seems to delight in being able to facilitate others to choose even greater for themselves. Inducing her to ask what else can she possibly do to facilitate others and this sweet beautiful planet?

Could it be about a class to do with bodies, Space, Being, Touch and Possibilities?
Or maybe a radio show appearance?
Maybe it’s Definitely Different Psychic session?
Could it simply be a Bars class?
Or maybe a monthly mentoring platform to encourage others to go even further than they ever dreamed was possible?
Maybe have collaborations with other authors or writing her own books?
Perhaps it’s traveling all over the world sharing the tools and classes of Access?

With all of these delicious options at her table, what did she choose to do?
All of them!
The question now is… which ones will bring the most yummy, delicious, orgasmic goodness to you and your sweet, sweet, self?
Which ones would contribute the most to you and your potential dreams turning them into realities?

Grace has a surprise filled website where you can discover many of the wonderful things she has on offer and also many links to other wonderful Access Consciousness people who are also contributing to this sweet planet.


“Please may you know you are never alone and you too are a gift here to change the world.”
~ Grace

What if following your knowing and Choosing Greater could bring you all you desire with ease and joy and glory?

[written by Lorene Hughes wwcgm with Grace Hart]

edit by Grace: “How did I get so lucky to have such a bright, beautiful, patient, hilarious, creative, courageous, and talented woman as my World Wide Creating Genius of Magnitude who totally has my back? I adore her and am so grateful she and I get to spend so much time joyfully and easily creating together. How does it get any better than that?”


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