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Desiree Aragon

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Name: Desiree Aragon
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 308.520.8103
Lake Balboa
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About Desiree Aragon

What would your life be like if your could have more ease, joy, mental clarity, and fun?
How about better interpersonal relationships and even more money?
Are you like me and have been a constant journey of personal growth and know that more is possible ?
You are right more is possible!

In the fall 2000, the knowingness for something more and something big was tugging at my heart so strongly. It was then I came to the realization that the life I was choosing to live was not conducive to the potent creator I knew was waiting inside just waiting to come out and contribute to this world. During this same time, I was given a copy of the book, “Conversions With God” by Neal Donald Walsh. While reading this amazing book my life changed so fast.

I began seeing a Reiki practitioner for Reiki sessions and other forms of natural energy healing started to show up in my life. I loved the way the Reiki sessions made me feel rejuvenated and, yet I still felt like there was something more- something bigger.

BAM! That's when I was lead to access consciousness.
Before I could say banana I registered for my first Bars class. I took that Bars class. and my life has never been the same since. I found my anxiety was gone and no matter how stressful the environment was, I managed to still feel an inner peace. My relationships with my coworkers shifted to a more joyful nurturing way. I became more blissful and clear minded.

Would you like to have more possibility, ease and bliss in your life?
Yes please !
Of course I am excited to share this amazing tool called Access The Bars.

I loving facilitating others in living in joy, ease, possibility ! And generating a more blissful healthy life style.

What if today, you allow yourself to receive possibility, ease, and energy of the life you are meant to fully live? What living could you create? What else is possible?
What would your life be like a year from now ? I look forward to assisting you to a life that is better than anything you could ever imagine.
Would you like to know more?

You can visit me on FB https://www.facebook.com/desiree.aragon.37
And email me at: brainandbodybalancing@gmail.com

Certified BF & Possibility Creator
Desiree Aragon


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