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Tara Alisbah

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Name: Tara Alisbah
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: (843) 298-4148
Location: 29 Jarvis Creek Way
Hilton Head
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About Tara Alisbah

My dear beloveds! What would it take to do WHATEVER is required to get the lack and struggle and "I can't" out of your universe?" RIght and wrong, good and bad, POC and POD, all 9, Boys, Shorts and Beyonds!! Thank you!
Now that we obliterated that, would you be willing to out-create this reality with total ease and a sense of fun and share who and what you are with the planet and universe and me?

Access is bringing us together, around the world, teaching us tools to bring more joy and ease, and I get to share that with you, the newest member of the conscious tribe of magical beings. I am also an EFT and Family Constellations practitioner and medical intuitive, so we may employ these techniques to boost results in private sessions.

My background straddles many disciplines and interests: I am a mother, founder of a preschool in Turkey, an international development specialist, a poet and the world's foremost expert on Turkish Hand Gestures! (www.TurkishHands.com) and I'm now accepting my abilities as a healer of magnitude.

I love to work with people mining for buried treasure, to lighten their load and be more of who they are here to be, with boldness and humor and joy. I am very good at seeing your hidden treasure—the treasure you’ve hidden from yourself—and empowering you to bring it forth. If you're ready and willing, we will get you there quickly, lovingly, and with no distractions. (I see too clearly for that).

Happy Awareness!

I look forward to playing in the field of consciousness together—and remember to come ready to guffaw. Call or email to set up three sessions to bring you home to your greatness.

If you are choosing to become a Bars practitioner or facilitator, which I highly recommend, I facilitate Bars classes and am VERY happy to come to you.

Ask me questions of any kind. Below are some testimonials about a Bars session and its effects.

How does it get even better than that?

My Profile Video: https://youtu.be/4Cf0mieEADE


Bars Class Student:
"Tara is an amazing facilitator. Her insight and guidance along with her ability to bring humor are unbelievable! I want to keep learning from her. I was able to access expansion, new possibilities and laugh for hours!" Elissa smith

Bars Recipients:
“The session is very relaxing, your subconscious comes to the surface and the thoughts and fears talk to you while you face them. The things that you tend to worry about and repress go away and you feel lighter. You are awake but the energy is flowing as if you profoundly experience a journey through yourself. Life and you merge and you are a new person afterwards.”

Sacit, Washington, DC

I felt lighter and brighter afterwards, and it lasted for a while, like I could see things more clearly, with more awareness.
Carol, Bluffton, SC

I felt a definite shift in my RA symptoms, following our session. I felt an upswing in energy and it has led to helping me on my path to healing.

Mary, Massage Therapist, Arlington, VA

"I have really enjoyed the BARS treatments I have received from Tara. During evvery treatment I have received I have felt like I was in a deep meditation and continued to feel very relaxed afterward, After my first treatment I noticed that I was able to handle stressors easier and stopped feeling so emotionally sensitive. And I felt compelled to have the next one as soon as I could. After receiving several treatments I have noticed that my menopausal symptoms have decreased - my hot flashes are almost completely gone. I can't wait to see how I am going to feel when I finish the series."

Annette, Acupuncturist, Virginia

When Tara ran the bars on me, I first felt some slight discomfort, but only like when you get a massage and you feel where the tensions are. As soon as I was able to let go, I felt a movement of energy moving around my head and through my body. At first, I was able to continue a conversation with Tara but soon, I felt unable to talk; I had to simply enjoy the amazing feeling of that energy moving through me.

When it was over, I thought I could go and lay down for a little nap. It was 2pm, and next thing I knew, it was 6pm! I slept for 4 hours non-stop...

I felt very honored to receive such a gift from Tara. I can see how my life is guiding me to push away my own limitations now and adventure myself out of my comfort zone. Change is not easy but I gained that deep awareness that I have the energy to move forward. I am very grateful for that.

Benedicte, Hilton Head, SC


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