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Graeme Crosskill

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Name: Graeme Crosskill
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 0721250286
Location: Ballito, Kwazulu-Natal
Ballito | Durban | National | International
South Africa
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About Graeme Crosskill

Graeme is a curious wonderer. He wonders about people & how they function in this world. He wonders about business and how it can contribute towards more ease, joy & possibility. Graeme is a natural entrepreneur, he gets a kick out of creating new & successful businesses, and as an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, he facilitates clients into creating more for their own lives & businesses. When he's not creating or facilitating, you will find him zipping around his seaside town on his Vespa, meeting interesting people, playing a game of ping pong, or travelling the world searching for more.

For more information on Graeme or his company Benevolent Entrepreneurs, please visit www.ben-ent.com


Graeme Crosskill's current class listing.

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☀ Radio Show 4/Apr/2017 Creation Call - Acknowledgising Your Success Graeme Crosskill
Pragmatic Futurist 8/Apr/2017 1060 Wien, Austria Susanna Mittermaier  & 
Graeme Crosskill
★ Online Class: Pragmatic Futurist 8/Apr/2017 online via Zoom Susanna Mittermaier  & 
Graeme Crosskill
☀ Radio Show 2/May/2017 Creation Call - The Relevant Elephant Graeme Crosskill
The Foundation 11/May/2017 Umhlanga KZN, South Africa Graeme Crosskill
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