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Ilenya Debattista

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Name: Ilenya Debattista
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: +35679893617
Location: Malta, Gozo, Sicily, Italy, UK
Malta, Italy, UK & Everywhere on the Planet :-)
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About Ilenya Debattista


- Certified Access Bars Facilitator
- Certified Access Body Process Facilitator
- 19 years in the professional sector
- Body whisperer


One simple body process called the Bars, that changed my whole life.

I’ve been successfully in the professional sector for over 17 years -- personal assistant and administrative work - use my organisational skills and my eye for detail. It seems it’s always been easy for me to see where there could be more flow - more choice - more ease. From the outside, I always seemed happy, like I had everything that any person at my age ever wanted.

Yet, at home, from when I was small, my family was sick. I was surrounded by the ill and the dying. Three members of my family died of Hemophilia by the time I was 12, and afterwards, my mother had breast cancer 5 times. My heart sore from the trauma, by the age of 16 and my mother’s second cancer, a trip to the nutritionist started creating a different demand in my world: that things with the bodies I was close to, be different.

So, I spent the next years studying everything I could get my hands on. My ache for something different and with a massive desire to help and heal, both myself and my ailing family, the next years were studying health, nutrition and what felt like every other modality on earth. Through it all, my capacities with bodies grew in amazing ways: I knew when a body was struggling with illness without being told. Newly conceived babies spoke wordlessly to me from within their mothers. My friends would ask me to pick out food for them, knowing that I would know what their bodies wanted. And in 2013, I finally stumbled upon the tools of Access Consciousness.

When I first heard about Access Bars, I thought it was going to be just another modality. I was open because I’d tried so many things. But by the end of the first session, something was incredibly different. All I could ‘feel’ was a lot of ease, space and lightness around me, a stark contrast to the heaviness that was the rest of my life. I’d never felt ease like that in such a short period of time, and I knew I wanted more.

My childhood and teenage years being very difficult - filled with death, disease, abuse etc - I desperately wanted something different for myself and my future, and being in these classes was a way for me to get a taste of ‘how’ I wanted my life to be like. Like a wide-eyed child in a brightly lit candy store, I soaked it all up, letting the change wash in and through me.

I went on to take more Access Bars classes, becoming a Certified Trainer of both the Access Bars and the energetic Access Body work, a series of 60 different processes to create ease for bodies in any area. I knew I wanted to bring these tools to everyone who was willing to have them, for the ease they had brought to me.

And I now travel around the world to attend live classes - Foundation, Choice of Possibilities, 7-day Class, Body & Advanced Classes, Right Voice for You, Talk to the Entities and many more. These tools became - and are - the platform of my life.

And so I love working with people to create change, no matter how big or small! I’m based in Malta and travel frequently, however, I am totally available for doing private sessions, individual group and workshops - because whatever kind of change you’re looking for, it’s something we can create together.

What I know is that if I can use these tools to totally change my life, to begin to create a life that truly works that is filled with so much happy and incredible ease, that you can too. And you don’t have to do it by yourself. Getting out of judging of yourself is hard enough on your own, but together and with these tools, anything is truly possible.

Truly, Access Consciousness has not given me the answers on how to be me. Instead, it’s shown me that through asking questions and being curious, a whole new world of possibilities are available that I had never thought possible. It’s empowered me to make choices that truly work for me. And it’s given me a set of tools to share with a world that I so longed to contribute to in every way possible.

What would it be like to totally embrace yourself and your life - not dwelling in the supposed mistakes of the past, or the judgements that you might have of yourself? What would it be like to not be at the effect of anything you chose or bought into before?

My invitation to you ...... It’s my deepest desire to - if you’d like that kind of change - to assist you in having it too :-) Are you in for it? What can you choose today that can create the change you have been asking for right away?


For more info, classes and to book sessions, contact me at: ilenyadebattista@gmail.com Skype- ilenya.debattista or drop a message on Facebook :-)



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