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Sara Stromley

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Name: Sara Stromley
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 206-240-9971
Location: Eastside Seattle/ Kirkland
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About Sara Stromley

Ready to experience the best power nap of your life? Access Consciousness Bars involves light precision touch to 32 points on the head that creates deep relaxation and relief for the entire body, energetic & nervous system.

What if simply receiving a session you could gain relaxation, awareness with a new perspective beyond what you ever thought possible? That’s exactly what I experience after a session of getting my Bars run. The very best part of it is… a sensation of delightful expansion lingers with me for days, weeks and beyond.

About me:
Have roots practicing several forms of mediation, and therapeutic energy work (Reiki being the most well known), astrology, and continue to explore what's possible with natural alternative healing. To date, I haven’t experienced anything a potent as an Access Consciousness Bars session. For decades I’ve sought to find relief for physical conditions I knew on some level stemmed from struggling with anxiety and insomnia, and sought better ways to better control my life than through prescription medications. I've been on an extensive & expensive exploration of mainstream, alternative heathcare, and self care practices. Nothing has given me the ability to shake what was a 10 year addiction to sleep medications, break self-destructive thoughts and habits quickly, effortlessly, and simply being at ease and happy for no apparent reason. I’m regularly surprised at what shifts and changes, and how much ease I receive through utilizing these Access Consciousness tools and body treatments for myself. I'm thrilled to share this with you.

Please contact me if you’re interested in a private session or joining a class I’m facilitating. I’m also an Energetic Facelift Facilitator, as well as a certified in number of other Access Consciousness body processes that treat other conditions that may enhance other sources of therapy.

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