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Margie Hulse

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Name: Margie Hulse
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 027 227 5530
Location: 10 Clovelly Place Westmorland
New Zealand
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About Margie Hulse

Margie Hulse - Access Consciousness® Bars, Body Process & Symphony of Possibilities Facilitator

Margie is a phenomenal business strategist, creator, coach and facilitator.
She adores creation, bling and the high life!

Working with Margie for you, your body, your money flows, your relationships and your family could change your entire reality!

Access Bars Possibilities
Access Bars® is a phenomenal process of touching 32 points on the head - disspating the polarity which is creating the limitations of your life - clean out your pipes & clean out your life. Would you like a blank canvas?

What are some possibilities with Access Bars®?

Access Bars Private Sessions
Access Bars 1-day & 2-evening workshops

Access Body Processes
Access Body Processes are phenomenal potent hands on bodywork that changes the molecules of your body. Choose from 50 or so potent body processes to unlock your body from it's current reality.

What are some possibilities with Access Body Processes?

Private Sessions
Full or Half Day Body Process Classes

Symphony of Possibilities
The Symphony of Possibilities is an advanced training Dr Dain Heer created to allow us beautiful beings to become aware of the phenomenal capacities we have. After this class I have become aware of the possibilities available for every being. If you would NOT like a totally different reality please don't book this type of session with me.

Symphony of Possibilities Private 1:1 Sessions

Creating More
Margie is also a phenomenal coach, speaker and consultant with over 20 years of experience in the industry of investing, creating companies, promotion and marketing .& phenomenal business

Is your business or life going where you would like it to? What would having a highly aware change agent in your back pocket create for you? Contact Margie for more details on 1:1 coaching, business consulting

Contact Margie for bookings via the contact form or give her a call. She does sessions via skype, in person and phone.


Margie Hulse's current class listing.

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