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Gigi Waters

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Name: Gigi Waters
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: 61408947177
Western Australia
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About Gigi Waters

As long as I can remember, I have delved into alternative modalities to find something that makes sense to me. Everything showed a flaw, didn't have a solid foundation or just didn't work for me.
I thought I was going crazy. Surely this wasn't living. There had to be more to life & being!!!

For many years I buried that awareness under many hats, trying to fit in and play the roles I had been assigned to play. I was the good daughter, the teacher, the new wife, the P&C mum, all the while feeling phony, not good enough and never fun

Out of all the healing modalities I have experienced and worked with, Access is by far the most profound and potent.

With Access I have discovered that anything and everything is possible and it is only our own beliefs, limitations, judgments and conclusions which prevent this. Who knew!!

You are the power in your life, as much as we are told to the contrary.

There are powerful tools to help shift and unlock you from the deepest blocks and to find the way to actualizing the life you truly desire.

How does it get better than this?

Access Consciousness has given me, ME! A life to create as I wish.

The tools Access have, empowered me to know that I truly do know, what I know, is right for me.

No longer do I stuff down my feelings and emotions with food causing weighty health issues.
No depression. No more blaming my parents.

Now life is ease joy & glory!!! Wooo Hooo!!!!!!!!!!

There really is more to life and living

Are you ready to step onto a path of something new that works for you?
What if it all begins with a question?
What else is possible, how does it get better than this?
How many possibilities await you?
What would it take for you to become more of you?

How much better could life be without judgment and limitation?

With Access, I’ve found the questions that creates empowerment – and that has made all the difference!

All you have to do is choose,

I would be delighted to run your Bars and let you experience first hand the change and space that it can create.

Feel free to contact me to schedule a Bars Session, a Class, or an Energetic Facelift

I look forward to introducing you to the magic that you truly be :) <3


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Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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