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Christine Fodor - AFF - BPF

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Name: Christine Fodor - AFF - BPF
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 2484447408
Location: 116 South Adams St
United States
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About Christine Fodor - AFF - BPF

Welcome to greater awareness and ever expanding possibilities to live life with more freedom, joy and ease!

Well, that's been my experience anyway. I continue to discover more possibilities and less limitation in all aspects of my life. And it's fun!

Wow! What else is possible? What can we perceive, know, be and receive to create more ease, joy and glory for ourselves and the world?

I am in allowance of the amazing YOU that you truly BE. Are you ready to receive all of the ease, joy and glory now? YES!

And if that's not happening for you yet then let's work together to create more space for more possibilities and increase your allowance to fully receive.

Currently offering private sessions and classes for practitioner certification for Bars, Facelift and Body Processes.

With Love & Gratitude,
Christine Fodor


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