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Sonja Quintana

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Name: Sonja Quintana
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 575-496-1678
San Tan Valley
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About Sonja Quintana

I'm currently playing with the infinite possibilities of 30 day's of Access.....my trusty partner is my play subject who has agreed to receive......he's in sale's and so far, we are currently on day 12, his sales have increased....a deal a day, not bad for starters but what else is possible???

Are you ready & willing to play with the infinite possibilities of you??? What would it take for you to step into the greatness that is you???

Update: 7/7/14 We are on day 21 and ohhhh what sweet possibilities await us??? So my trusty partner & play subject has maintained his average of a deal a day (exceptional in his line of work), Salesman of the month and sales bonuses from this over $1,300!!! Wow, what else is possible??? Have I piqued your curiosity yet??? What would it take for you to be next???

Update: 7/14/14 Okay so today is day 28, Sales are still on track.....Today he ran my BARS, how does it get any better than this and what else is possible??? Did I mention we've added an additional 10 days to our 30 day commitment? 40 Days of Access Consciousness Bars, what amazing gifts of magnitude await us??? I'll keep you posted!

Update: 7/26/14 40 consecutive days of Access Consciousness Bars, wow! Salesman of the month three months in a row, how does it get any better than than??? Amazing what we can contribute and what can contribute to us when we are open to receive.

Are you locked into the interesting point of view that receiving is selfish? What contribution can you be to you and yours if you were open and receptive to the infinite and magical gifts that await you???


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