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Amarah Milan

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Name: Amarah Milan
Certification: Bars Facilitator
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About Amarah Milan

Thank you for finding me. Currently living in Salem, Oregon. I love the Pacific NW! I've done massage therapy for the past 22 years and have been venturing to discover other modalities to bring to clients ways to assist a clients body to heal itself. I've practiced many types of bodywork and energy work, yet have seen more change happen with the body and spirit with the Bar® and other body processes Access offers.

I learned of Access Consciousness™ in April of 2014 and once I took the Bars class my whole world opened in such a magnificent way and it continues to the more I practice using the tools taught here.

They call me a jumper! I jumped right in and have been devouring the Access Consciousness™ tools ever since. I did the Bars Class, Foundations and Level One and more Bars classes to become a facilitator of Bars. Seeing first hand the dynamic change that is possible. I'm taking my first level 2-3 class in July 2014. All this the first 3 months. Very life changing! How much better can it get???

Are you tired of being stuck in the same reality you've done your whole life? Are you willing to look at something so different, yet simple, life changing beyond anything you've ever experienced?
Hang on to your hats! You're in for an awesome adventure in discovering the amazing being you are. I've been scheduling classes monthly and at times don't list them on this site. Please email me and I can forward you the latest schedule.

Come join me on this journey! It's worth the trip!

Live life Juicy,
Amarah Milan


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Access Bars® 1/Apr/2017 Amarah Milan
Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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