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Carol Langley

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Name: Carol Langley
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 61430850852
Location: City, The Rocks Drummoyne Crows Nest The World
New South Wales
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About Carol Langley

Hi and welcome!

I have played with energy most of my life. As the youngest in my family, I found it easy to get my siblings to care for me and did mostly what I wanted. I can sense the energy in a group and adapt to it, equilibrating myself and others to more ease.

This may come off as arrogant. I have come to realize, yes, perhaps that is how it looks. It just was natural and ease for me to be that space and to guide the people around me to having more fun and exploring more and seeing what was true for me.

As a registered doctor of chiropractic, along with other healing tools in my bag of tricks, such as Reiki Master and Domancic Method of Bioenergy healing, I get to and choose to touch lots of bodies. Based in Sydney, born and trained in the USA. I offer options for clients who wish to stop suffering, shift stress dynamically and create true change on their quest for better health.

When I heard about Access Bars, I created classes in which to learn every time I'd travel back to the States to visit my family. I felt so relaxed, and such ease in my body and in my head, that I had to begin sharing it with my clients and loved ones. I found Access Bars to be so simple, dynamic, practical and joyful, that I chose to share it with the ladies I care for at a women’s day shelter in Kings Cross. I’ve been volunteering there every Monday since June 2011.

What I notice is profound change and shifts, as observed and as reported by these “disadvantaged” women. They breathe deeply, they relax into their bodies, they have a sense of ease and peace. They schedule themselves weekly, and aren't sure what it is I do, thought they get that they feel safe, relaxed, and that it helps them in some way. Some say when you put your hands on my ____, I can't describe it, it feels like I'm healing inside. I can't put it into words. Most are knocked out in the 15-20 minute sessions, excited to say they'll see me next week.

I hear them recite the Access questions I share with them right back to me; they look and feel lighter, and notice what else is possible in our collaboration towards health and healing.

Each client receives some piece of Access, whether it's some Bars points or some Access tool, if they are open to receiving.

I am a certified Bars facilitator, Body Process Facilitator, Right Body For you Taster Facilitator, and would so love to share these tools with you.

What can we create together beyond and even greater than we could ever imagine? What is it that we might consider inconceivable that may just be possible with the right input at the right time?

I so enjoy this dance of life we be together on the planet. Let’s play!

Check the website for classes or contact me directly. Carol Langley 0430850852 clangleydc@gmail.com. www.carollangleydc.com.au


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Access Body Processes 26/Mar/2017 Neutral Bay, NSW, Australia Carol Langley
Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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