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Beth Collins

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Name: Beth Collins
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: 702-556-1748
Las Vegas, Aurora, Denver, Palm Springs, All
Nevada, California, Colorado, Arizona, anywhere
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About Beth Collins

Hello Everyone!

I am a Access consciousness bars and body facilitator and a certified and licensed massage therapist and Esthetician.

Are you massage therapist and in need of some CE's from the national board, I teach those classes to help you archive what you need, well you learn a life changing energy modality. How much better does it get than that??

Are you an esthetician wanting to learn new modality's as well, such as an energetic facelift, the bars, even somebody process or just someone who wants to take a class and make some money changing peoples lives as well as your own?


What if?

You could reduce the stress, and pain in your body, well reducing the fear and confusion of the mind for yourself or a loved one, sleep better, lose weight, make more money, worry less. What if, you could be who you truly be without any judgements?

The list goes on!

How much can you receive?
How much can you create?
What else is possible?

What will you choose?

I give personal sessions, and teach classes. One person or a roomful, how much fun can we have and change can we receive? Your place, city, state or mine, wherever there's more ease for you!

One phone call, text or email, let's see how much change we can create, and how magical we can be.



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Consciousness includes everything & judges nothing
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