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Linda Newman

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Name: Linda Newman
Certification: Bars Facilitator
Phone: 510.301.9228
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About Linda Newman

I have always been a seeker, asking for ways to enjoy my life, knowing this lifetime could not be all there is or was. In my searching days I tried everything from esoteric Christian churches to metaphysics, Bioenergy Balancing and so on. Then I attended my first Access Consciousness® The Bars Class and I realized I had found an ease with my body I had never known and I knew I had found what I had been searching for.

I have taken numerous Access classes and am a Certified Bars and Body Process Facilitator. After 20+ years in high tech sales and customer support, most of those before discovering the benefits of Access, I am now keen on bringing Access The Bars to corporations to assist businesses and their employees in finding greater ease, reducing stress and increasing productivity as part of the employee work-day. What if greater mental clarity and focus were the result of a workday Bars session?

At age 52 I learned I was adopted. Both my biological parents were deceased. I was what was labeled as a “late discovery adoptee.” The news rocked my world and left me confused, filled with anger, hate, shame and a feeling of being wrong for being born. Using the tools of Access I was able to rapidly deal with all of my thoughts, feelings and emotions and to make peace with my arrival on the planet! I’ve since learned that there are hundreds of thousands of people like me, raised in families where no one ever talked about how we came to be part of the families who raised us. If you or someone you know has been adopted and experiencing any of trauma I did, what contribution can I be to them and their families?

I currently live in Northern California, having migrated by way of Northern Virginia after being born and raised in Central New York. I love living in the San Francisco Bay Area- you can find me out on weekends with my husband enjoying the city, the beach, the mountains and all the beauty and fun there is to experience here.

I facilitate private sessions in Campbell, CA; Bars and Body Process Classes around the Bay Area.


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