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Jacqueline Huff

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Name: Jacqueline Huff
Certification: Certified Facilitator
Phone: 970-240-3300
Location: 10671 6075 Road
United States
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About Jacqueline Huff

Sooooo.......about me? Hum. Ok. I was raised with a completely alternative lifestyle so none of this amazing, wonderful Access stuff is weird or wild to me but truly fantastic and super fun. I have always had a hilarious, fun, exciting life but was never really sure how to share how to create that with those who were seeking the same way of living. With Access, it is so explainable and doable for everyone.

My parents started a business manufacturing organic, liquid vitamin and herbal supplements the year that I was born. We spent entire summers camping in the mountains living off the grid with complete freedom to play, explore and learn until I was in junior high. After that, they kind of settled down, mostly because they had a basketball teams worth of kids by then. We were generally viewed as a completely nutty family in our community so I learned early on to not get bothered by other people's opinions, especially once I realized how boring my schoolmates lives were in comparison and how many of them wished for my lifestyle.

Every day is full of laughs, jokes and ridiculousness working alongside my family at our business. I love Mondays! (We always have people asking how to get hired with our company because they see us having such a great time.) I've always wondered how to share some of that fun and wonder and excitement for life with others. In July of 2013 I was introduced to Bars. I took an instant like and interest to it and within 2 weeks took my first Foundation and Level 1. Not weird to those who are familiar with Access, but oddly enough, my schedule cleared completely enabling me to take all the classes necessary to be able to attend Facilitators in March of 2014. During this time, I also took the classes necessary to be a Body Process Facilitator. Yay!!
I have found so much joy working with energy and learning an entire new side of how life works.


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