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Taz Frydrych

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Name: Taz Frydrych
Certification: Practitioner
Phone: 416-873-7086
Location: Vancouver Island and Beyond
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About Taz Frydrych

Woot, Woot, Dance, Dance, Party, Party!

Welcome to my page!

What will it take for you to take a leap into the realm of possibility, and truly re-discover who you truly be, to be introduced the empowerment of knowing what you know?

Like most of us, I spent most of my life in Judgment of myself, based on anger, unkindness and judgments others perpetrated onto me. I shut myself off from the world at a young age because I didn’t “understand it” and “hated” the people in it, I inflicted unkindness and abuse on myself and body every day in order to get through that day, hoping that would make the next day different. I made myself and my body sick running in circles and banging my head off walls (almost literally), in frustration of the options for “maintaining” some semblance of sanity which were offered. I was exhausted with barely surviving, and almost ready to believe that I was as F@#$ed up as I thought the world and the people in this reality wanted me to believe I was.

Why the BLEEP would anyone choose this??

Increasingly frustrated with the, some questionably, well intentioned, promises of enlightenment, empowerment and life changing tools that were offered by the many, many facilitators of spiritual, Eastern/Western Medicine, leadership and empowerment programs, structured coaching programs, psychological approaches and psychiatric practices etc, I was told could make everything better, if I just stuck to it. Most, if not all included emotionally painful recounts of past abuse; long boring processes designed around “altering belief patterns to reach a goal”, reinforcing behaviour to “fit in”, relinquishing my power over to another “source”. If I just “trusted them and their program and method, I would be “fixed”.

“Who AM I?, What’s going on with me? , WHY am I making the choices I am?, What Will STOP the CRAZY????” I didn’t get the answers, more importantly, THE QUESTIONS I was looking for. I was seeking to be introduced me to me and the brilliance and magic, I knew was buried deep in the doo-doo that i called my life, and allow me to rediscover my purpose for living.

My First BARS session opened up my world, My Body was lighter on the inside, my brain was lighter –and much quieter, I saw the world as the magical possibility I knew existed!

Access Consciousness offers pragmatic tools to step out of Judgment and Conclusion, and reintroduces the child like wonder of living in the question of What Else Is Possible????

Is now the time to stop dragging, spinning around in circles?

Is now the time to Stop bending, folding, stapling, and mutilating yourself?

Is it time to recognize that we do the best we can with the tools we have, step out of judgment of past choices, and discover and learn a new set of pragmatic tools which will empower you to know what you know and create from here??

What if change is not at all what you thought it is, and easier to actualize than you thought was possible?

What if the “problem” isn’t what you think it is?

What if chronic aches, pains, dis-ease is your body communicating with you? What if you took the time to listen?

I love to dance and play with energy, unlock limitations created in bodies, and facilitate ease with Relaxing and Nourishing body processes.

When was the last time you gifted yourself time for EASE, JOY and GLORY that could change your life? Is Now the Time to experience something new and different and step into new possibilities?

I am always excited to meet, chat and create with new people.

What will it take for you to connect?

I am easily found on Facebook: Taz F Access


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